Wear the Right Clothes For Fitness Workouts

Wear the Right Clothes For Fitness Workouts

After every workout you obviously feel tired and uncomfortable due to excessive sweating. The kind of clothes you wear for workouts affects your comfort level. It’s essential for you pick clothes which will make you feel comfortable during your regular fitness sessions.

There are certain fabrics which readily pull away the sweat from your skin, while there are others which absorb your sweat. So make your pick accordingly.

Wicking Fabrics

These are breathable synthetics which pull the sweat away from your skin and help it to evaporate soon so that the body stays cool. Outfits made of fabrics such as COOLMAX and SUPPLEX or fabrics containing polypropylene are best for workouts and other physical activities which will make you sweat a lot. If you wear these kinds of fabrics then the sweat will evaporate and your clothes won’t be stick and won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Cotton Fabrics

Shirts and pants made of cotton readily absorb sweat from the body. But cotton fabrics don’t have the quality to pull the sweat away from the skin and help it to evaporate. That’s why when you workout in cotton clothes, the clothes feels heavy and wet since it gets soaked in your sweat.

Avoid Non Breathable Fabrics

Avoid wearing clothes made up of rubber based and plastic based fabrics for your fitness sessions. These fabrics don’t allow any ventilation and prevents the body sweat from evaporating, and thus keeps the body temperature high.

Also while choosing clothes for workout keep the following points in mind:

You should choose clothes which are loose in fittings plus comfortable. But for biking and running you should avoid wearing loose and long pants which can get tangled in the wheels or your shoes.

For yoga and pilates you should wear fitting clothes made up of fabrics which will pull your sweat

Don’t wear clothes which will be hindrance for your workouts.

You also have to take into consideration the weather condition while choosing your gym wear. If workout outdoors or take part in seasonal sports you have to change your clothes according to the seasons.

For hot weather you should wear fabrics which will allows ventilation and enable your skin to breathe. You can also pick the fabrics which will pull the sweat away from your skin. Always opt for cool and comfortable clothing during summer months.

During cold weather you need to dress in warm clothes. But since you will be exercising don’t wear too many woolen clothes. You dress in layers so that you can easily take of the warm clothes whenever you’re feeling hot. You should wear sweat wicking clothes first and then put on the warm layer on that. Always protect your head and ear from the cold weather by wearing caps.

For wet or windy weather wear water proof layers in order to avoid getting wet and catching cold.

Whatever the season or weather is, you will definitely sweat after a fitness routine. So it’s important that you wear comfortable clothes insides which will allow air circulation and pull the sweat away from your skin. Dress properly for you workouts in every weather conditions.

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