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Different models available for Ute hire

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You want a ute. I want a ute. We all want a ute. And, luckily for us all – there are lots of different types of utes to choose from.

Panel Ute

A panel ute is a utility vehicle that has a flat, boxy body and usually has no rear seat. They’re popular for their versatility and practicality, which makes them ideal for transporting large loads of cargo or passengers.

  • Advantages: Panel Utes are great for hauling large items around because they have lots of space inside their bodies – up to five people can fit in some models! They’re also easy to drive and park because they don’t require much room to turn around or back into spaces like other vehicles do.
  • Disadvantages: Panel Utes don’t have any kind of suspension system; this means that if you drive over bumps or potholes in the road at high speeds then it will feel like your car is jumping up and down! It’s best not drive too fast when using one of these vehicles so as not risk damaging yourself or others nearby during an accident caused by turbulence on uneven terrain (which could happen more often than usual due to lack of suspension).

Double Cab Ute

Double cab utes are the most popular choice. They have a rear seat and are therefore the most versatile, with a higher payload capacity than others and more storage space. They’re generally more expensive than other models, but they’ll give you the best value for money in terms of versatility and comfort.

For example, if you want to carry passengers or large loads of cargo around town, then this is probably your best option: it has ample room for five people plus luggage or tools (depending on whether there’s any cargo). Plus, if you do have some extra stuff that needs carrying around town–a surfboard perhaps? Or maybe even an inflatable boat!

Crew Cab Ute

A crew cab ute is a larger version of a double cab ute. It is a four door vehicle that has five seats, with the two rear seats being removable to make more space for luggage and cargo.

If you’re looking for something big enough to carry more people than other models but still want the flexibility of being able to remove some seats when needed, this could be your ideal choice!

Pick up truck

Pick up trucks are great for carrying large loads and people. If you need to tow a trailer or caravan, pick up trucks are the best option.

Pick up trucks have been designed for heavy duty work and are ideal for transporting goods such as building materials and machinery. They’re also perfect for carrying large amounts of cargo – even people!

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