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What are summer’s hottest colours?

Fashion trends come and go but one of the staples in design is the colours that are used in garments around the summertime. Each year these will change slightly but there are some colours that always remain. So what are the top shades for women for the summer and beyond? Read on to make sure you pick the right colours for your clothes and give yourself a summer inspired wardrobe makeover.

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Yes bright white, and even double white, was seen all over the spring/summer catwalks this year. Whether you’re dressing down for a BBQ or dressing up for a special event, there’s no reason the whole attire can’t be white from head to toe – just watch out for irritating spillages and stains such as red wine, deodorant and fake tan, which can ruin the uber-cool bright white look in a microsecond. If you are not ready to go full white, just opt for a simply floaty top and pair this with a nice pair of shorts. White denim shorts for example can work incredibly well with a floral inspired summer top.

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OK not strictly a colour but stripes – the horizontal sort – have been seen on catwalks everywhere in the run up to summer. You can find stripes in everything from tops and jackets through to skirts and dresses. Depending on your natural body shape you may want to either avoid stripes or ensure that they are highlighting the smallest part of your body such as your waist.


Floral prints have returned once again this year for the summer season. You can find a variety of items with these prints including Maxi Dresses and skirts and summer inspired floaty tops. These can all be paired with some lovely wedge sandals and you are summer holiday ready. ax paris maxi dresses are an example of some beautiful floral prints in everything from the bold and modern right through to those with a more subtle and vintage look.


Neutral shades of brown seem to be popular this year, in particular in linen style materials. Again you can find a variety of garments in these colours including wide legged trousers, summer dress and light weight jackets. Neutrals have previously been associated with a more autumnal feel but this season it seems that they have made an early appearance in time for the beautiful summer weather that we are all longing for.