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Responsible Gun Ownership

Deciding to purchase a gun is an important decision that needs to be taken seriously. It is more than just getting a firearm and some ammunition. If it is going to be carried in public, then holsters and clothing need to be considered. Safe storage in a car or house is also vital. Laws vary by state, so knowledge about the legal ramifications of transporting and using guns is a must.


Firearms can be purchased for home protection, for personal protection in public or both. Even in areas where open carry is allowed, it is highly unlikely that it will be carried around in one hand all day. Having a convenient, comfortable way to store the firearm is essential. There are plenty of options that allow for quick access to the gun while allowing for maximum comfort for the owner. Belt, garter belt and chest holsters are popular options. Other options include built-in holsters in shirts, shorts, leggings or ccw vest.


Neglecting to store a firearm safely either at home can lead to incredibly dangerous situations. Gun safes are sold around the world that can be bolted to a wall or the floor to protect against theft. Leaving a firearm unattended in an area that is accessible to minors is not advisable and can lead to accidents. Use a case when transporting a gun and leave it packed securely in the trunk during the drive.


There are many laws surrounding firearms and breaking any of those laws has serious consequences. Each region has its own specifications, so any planned visits should include thorough research on the laws should the gun be transported there. Legislation changes regarding ownership all the time, which makes it a good idea to keep up on local regulations as well.

Owning a firearm can be a worthwhile experience, whether it is for hunting, protection, or because a person enjoys going to the shooting range. If the rules are followed and safety is a priority, being a responsible gun owner is easy and rewarding.…