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Kids Casual Fashion Style Tips for the Summer

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Summer becomes a fun time for children to spend their holiday. You are as a parent must have plans for a vacation. Whether it’s going to the beach, picnic to the park, or other places, casual fashion style is suitable to wear. This is because they will spend most of their time enjoying the place by playing around. Imagine that you dress them with wrong clothes. Your kids will feel disturbed with what they wear. Therefore, avoid this uncomfortable moment by trying these tips.

Girly Look

Let’s get started from the casual fashion style for girls. It’s actually not difficult to choose the perfect outfits. You can look for inspiration through the internet easier. But being girly becomes the best choice. Provide them feminine look of outfits as well as the accessories. Floral pattern of dress is one of the examples to wear. Choose a model that looks good on them. Don’t forget to pick one that has soft cotton fabric for more comfortable. While for the accessories, you can give them beach hat and strappy sandals.

Be more Colourful

Being colourful won’t be wrong for kids. Unlike the adults who are not all of them good on colourful outfits. So, it becomes an advantage because there are bunch of stores that sell colourful apparels. Summer is the best time for your kids to wear colourful clothes. So, celebrate bright sunny days with cute outfits with pastel colours.

Denim is a Good Idea

Denim also becomes a good idea for casual fashion style. Although it looks heavy, but denim is also suitable for summer. It will be perfectly combined with tees and shorts. Even girls will also look more cute wearing dresses and denim jackets. Not only plain denim but you also can dress them with ripped denim jacket. They will look cool especially for boys in the summer. This look will absolutely make you less fashionable compared to your own child.

Trying Retro Look

Even though they are still too young to try adult fashion style, but there is no harm to try. Who knows that retro look can improve your kids’ look. 70s to 90s can be used as a fashion style inspiration. This has no restrictions on gender, so girls and boys can use it. Leggings with cute patterns are suitable for your child for a casual look. It’s also very helpful for them to move easily. While for boys, they can wear shirts that are combined with vests. There’s one more thing that matters which is hair style. This is because a retro style also needs to be supported with an appropriate hair style.

But the hair style itself doesn’t have to be retro either. This can be adjusted to the shape of the child’s face too. There are some hair styles that your kids can have such as classic spikes, toddler combover, and pomp fade. But If you are still unsure with these options, you can ask the barber to choose the best for …

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What to Pay Attention about Kids Fashion Style?

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As parents, we also need to pay attention to what children wear. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, it really needs to be guided. There is no harm to make them look stylish and certainly fashionable. But before guiding your kids, it’s better for you to pay attention about kids fashion style. Usually they want to wear the same clothes as their parents. However, it could be difficult when you can’t find the right store. Therefore, you can look for inspiration to make your kids look good without wearing the same clothes as yours.

Which Occasion You Want to Attend

The place becomes the most important thing when it comes to fashion. This is because we are often confused about which clothes to wear for a particular occasion. Well, this is the same as when you bring your child to an occasion. You must be frustrated about which clothes are suitable for them. But we actually don’t need to worry anymore. This is because the choices of kid wears are getting cuter. There are even many stores that offer a variety of uses, including for weddings. This sounds really adorable, right?

Colours and Prints for Girls

The next thing to be your concern about kids fashion style is colours and prints. This is very essential for those who have girls. As we know that today’s fashion style is getting better and better for kids. We can buy very cute dress or jumpsuits that are actually for adults. But still, you need to pay attention to these aspects. It’s because not every kid has the same skin colour or body size. We take one example, when you want to invite them to a party. Mini skirts and tank tops would be very cute on them. Mix the right colours and adding accessories like bandanas or hair pins to make them look perfect.

Combine Accessories for Boys

After focusing on the kids fashion style for girls, we need to move on to the boys. Although the models are not as diverse as girls outfits but boys can also be fashionable. A formal look like a suit is also suitable for them. You can buy a semi-formal suit or tuxedo when you are going to formal occasion. While for casual activities, you can dress them with casual clothes. This can be shorts, tees, or jeans which are certainly comfortable to wear. Then you can add snapback or glasses for more adorable.

Shoes Style

The last thing that you should pay attention about is the shoes style. You might be don’t realize if shoes are also important. This still has to do with the occasion as explained in the first point. Most parents only focus on their school shoes. Though they also need different shoes when they are going outside. Don’t make them embarrassed because their friends have cool shoes. But whatever the choice, make sure if the shoes used are not difficult to wear. It’s better to avoid shoes with lots …

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How to Wear 90s Women’s Fashion for Mom?

3 min read

Looking for inspiration is a must when it comes to fashion. Even thought you are a mom, there is no limitation for you. Not only following the latest trends but sometimes we also look back to the past. As we know, the old school appears again and it has so many followers. 90s women’s fashion becomes one of the examples. Yeah, it’s true that 90s style attract everyone even famous designers. No wonder that there are many designers produce clothing designs that look vintage. However, we are focusing on how to wear 90s women’s fashion today. For those who are interested, you can follow some tips below.

Bigger Size of Outfits

Maybe you’ve heard of oversized shirts or pants. This is one of the hits in the fashion world you can try. There are already women who wear this 90s look kind of clothing. Even though anything is bigger than your actual size, it still looks good on some people. Especially who have skinny and tall body. Wearing bigger size of outfits will make them look thicker. But you must know how to choose the right clothes. Choose the type of fabric and adjust it to the proportions of your body.

Double Denim

The other 90s women’s fashion style you can try is double denim. You might think that wearing the same pattern for top and shorts would look boring. Denim is a part of the old style outfit that is suitable to use any time. Whether it’s a casual or semi-formal event, using denim won’t be wrong. But you have to combine it with other items that can improve your appearance. You can wear the same colours of denim like soft blue. But it’s better to mix it with the different colours that still look good on you.

Overalls with Strap Down

In line with the denim, overalls also can be a perfect style for 90s women’s fashion style. If you don’t know, this kind of clothes are very big at the time. Especially with the style of a rope hanging down. It doesn’t only look casual but also cool at the same time. There are already famous young artists who use this style in their daily lives. If you want to follow them, you have to know whether your body is suitable for wearing these clothes or not. You can be a very stylish mom wearing it. But you must wear it because of you are comfortable.

Bucket Hats or Bandana

Let’s move on to the accessories, we got bucket hats and bandana. Some of you might be uncomfortable when you see men wearing a lot of accessories. But did you know that in the 90s, many subcultures used this bandana. We can find it in ancient rapper. But apparently this is still a trend until now. Same as bucket hats, It’s the same as bucket hats that are also popularized by rappers. In the past, you could say that almost all young people have this bucket …

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Tips on How to Become a Fashion Icon

3 min read

Fashion does have a very powerful appeal. Lots of celebrities who become fashion icons. As a result, there are also many followers of the artist’s dress style. But actually, everyone has the right to be a fashion icon. Has this ever occurred to your mind? It’s not that hard to be the centre of attention. You just need to show that you are different from the others. There are still other ways if you want to be like your celebrity idols. There are some tips how to become a fashion icon that you can follow below.

Find out Your Uniqueness

As we discussed, uniqueness is very necessary to become a fashion icon. We can see that there are many people with their own style and get famous. You do not have to dress expensive because not all outfits will become your trademark. Johny Depp becomes one of the world’s fashion icons. As we can see, he has an effort less style. Without blinks or expensive clothes, he still can look awesome as fashion icon. His trademark is a simple outfit with a vintage style and accessories with a bohemian or grunge style. According to this, you can see that we don’t need to be luxurious to be an icon. Anything can be started from zero. Therefore, you can learn how to become an icon from this legend.

Focus more on Personal Charisma

Besides uniqueness, there is one important thing that you must remember. This is about the charisma that you create. It won’t look balanced if you just focus on the clothes. You need to know if the clothes worn require personality. This means that using unique clothes is not enough. Your charisma is what will then become your characteristic. There are maybe many people who become icons but not all of them have charisma. Therefore, you can focus on how you increase your confidence and the way you dress.

Being Stand Out

After we discussed before how to become icons from our own side, we will discuss on the other side. Followers are supporters who are also important to make this happen. Of course, we need those who can accept us as a famous fashion icon. This is the stage where you have to find a way. You don’t have to own all types of social media. Firstly, show off what is the uniqueness about your fashion style starting from inner circle. Then you can go further by creating blog and start to become an influencer. When you get famous, it will help you to become an icon later on.

Based on the points above, this is not easy to be an icon. There are still some efforts that you have to do. This is far different from the artist who was already famous. Forming self character is the most important of these. So, anything you need to collect is patience and spend more time to make it happen. This is the same as any other dream you …

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What Signs If You are Following Edgy Fashion Style?

3 min read

In the world of fashion, there are a lot of terms that become trends. You must be familiar with one of them called as edgy fashion style. But what exactly is meant by edgy? You might be don’t realize if you are following edgy fashion style. Therefore, instead of being curious, we can identify ourselves or others by looking at some signs below.

Being Stylish without Complicated Impression

Well, we start from how to characterize people who like edgy fashion style. Although very stylish in appearance, the adherents do not like the impression complicated. This is because comfort is number one. On some occasions, they will choose to wear a dress instead of a long-sleeved shirt. This can be combined with a leather jacket and ankle boots for a more attractive appearance. But the point is that the more comfortable the clothes we wear, the more we can be confident.

Become A Center of Attention Because It Looks Different

Well, the next sign that can be used to identify is they like to be the center of attention. Yes, everyone actually has a desire for good fashion. But edgy fashion style connoisseurs are one who always want to be different. No wonder if there are so many people like to become the center of attention. You will be happy if others like your edgy style.

Bold and Unique Items

Unique and bold is one of the characteristics of edgy fashion style. Well, followers of this style are usually very picky about what to wear. They must be able to determine which outfits are matches. Maybe it’s a top with sharp patterns or jeans pants, everything should be look unique.

Like to Explore out of Comfort Zone

Those who like edgy fashion style usually never get bored to explore the appropriate style. It’s not even a problem being outside of your comfort zone. This is not a big deal because wearing the same outfits every day doesn’t feel comfortable. Especially if we have a lot of activities. Wearing the same clothes again and again will be so boring.

Following the Latest Trend

The next sign that belongs to the edgy kind of fashion is it follows the latest trend. You might be one of those who like to follow any kinds of new trends. But when we talk about edgy, the point is to become comfort in wearing outfits. It means that you will not buy the new trend if it doesn’t match your style. Conversely, if the emerging trend matches your style, then you will not hesitate to buy it. This will help you to make new experiments in mix and match the outfits you buy.

Well, if you have one of the characteristics even all of the signs above, you need to be worry because maybe you are one of the followers. But this is not a bad thing as long as you can manage it well. You still can but outfits you like as long as they …