How to Wear 90s Women’s Fashion for Mom?

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Looking for inspiration is a must when it comes to fashion. Even thought you are a mom, there is no limitation for you. Not only following the latest trends but sometimes we also look back to the past. As we know, the old school appears again and it has so many followers. 90s women’s fashion becomes one of the examples. Yeah, it’s true that 90s style attract everyone even famous designers. No wonder that there are many designers produce clothing designs that look vintage. However, we are focusing on how to wear 90s women’s fashion today. For those who are interested, you can follow some tips below.

Bigger Size of Outfits

Maybe you’ve heard of oversized shirts or pants. This is one of the hits in the fashion world you can try. There are already women who wear this 90s look kind of clothing. Even though anything is bigger than your actual size, it still looks good on some people. Especially who have skinny and tall body. Wearing bigger size of outfits will make them look thicker. But you must know how to choose the right clothes. Choose the type of fabric and adjust it to the proportions of your body.

Double Denim

The other 90s women’s fashion style you can try is double denim. You might think that wearing the same pattern for top and shorts would look boring. Denim is a part of the old style outfit that is suitable to use any time. Whether it’s a casual or semi-formal event, using denim won’t be wrong. But you have to combine it with other items that can improve your appearance. You can wear the same colours of denim like soft blue. But it’s better to mix it with the different colours that still look good on you.

Overalls with Strap Down

In line with the denim, overalls also can be a perfect style for 90s women’s fashion style. If you don’t know, this kind of clothes are very big at the time. Especially with the style of a rope hanging down. It doesn’t only look casual but also cool at the same time. There are already famous young artists who use this style in their daily lives. If you want to follow them, you have to know whether your body is suitable for wearing these clothes or not. You can be a very stylish mom wearing it. But you must wear it because of you are comfortable.

Bucket Hats or Bandana

Let’s move on to the accessories, we got bucket hats and bandana. Some of you might be uncomfortable when you see men wearing a lot of accessories. But did you know that in the 90s, many subcultures used this bandana. We can find it in ancient rapper. But apparently this is still a trend until now. Same as bucket hats, It’s the same as bucket hats that are also popularized by rappers. In the past, you could say that almost all young people have this bucket hat. But as the time goes by, these two accessories become almost everyone’s favorite. Do you have both of them already?

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