Why Men Should Follow Fashion

Why Men Should Follow Fashion

The old cliche tells us that first impressions last a lifetime but are created in a second. And it’s true, possibly not the lifetime part but they certainly are created in a second; maybe even less. Long before you even utter your first words to someone they have summed you up. This person may not be able to write down this analysis or explain in great detail but that’s just because it happens without them knowing. Through changing the clothes you wear you change this image portrayed on to others. You will not also change yourself, you are still you but, a you that is instantly recognised positively by others.

Many believe that we originally adopted clothes because of sex. We used clothing to emphasise certain aspects of our bodies, which turned in to what we see today. This makes complete sense, with the same way women can give their look a huge boost just by showing cleavage men can do the same thing. No, not through revealing pants or by wearing anything transparent but by emphasising your best bits. Studies have shown women prefer men with broad shoulders, it shows they can defend their partners. If you are unfortunate enough not to have broad shoulders then you can do something about it by dressing for your body type.

We wear designer clothes for mainly the same reason we have trophy cabinets. Designer clothes for men usually show a brand of some sort, and that brand carries an image. The owners of the brand spend a lot of time, effort and money in order to develop a brand; this is why. You really are what you wear, if the brand is shown as quality and professional you will also be seen as quality and professional. It is worth a mention here that brands aren’t everything, fit and style are much more important.

In most armies of the world the rank of a soldier can be determined instantly through what they wear. It’s the same with every day life. The general principle here is this: the higher the ‘rank’ of a person the better they are at what they do. In a similar fashion, the higher rank you create through clothing the better you appear.

People love to appear in groups, studies have shown that just by putting people with in groups even if the group is insignificant (Group A and Group B for example) they will prefer people within the same group. Wearing a similar garment, or similar brand puts people in groups and helps them get along. If two men meet wearing a suit they are more likely to agree than if they were wearing different clothing.

Men should follow fashion because it’s their image, your image is what people perceive, what people perceive is more important than you know.

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