Surprising Trends for Men – Top 3 Trends for Men’s Fashion

Surprising Trends for Men – Top 3 Trends for Men’s Fashion

Fashion can unpredictable at times. For the past years, we have seen surprising trends with women’s fashion. But this article will reveal that trends can be also surprising with men’s fashion. Here are the top 3 surprising trends for men’s fashion today.

Sheer Shirts

One of the most surprising trends with men’s fashion is the feminine elements. And this can be observed with the use of lace and other sheer materials for years 2010 and 2011. This is the reason why you see sheer shirts and other clothing items that are starting to grace the catwalks for men’s fashion shows.

Sheer shirts may look great form women but this can seem awkward for most men. But worn the right way and with a great body, sheer shirts will look really great for men too.

Sheer shirts are great for the summer or for vacation in tropical places. This will also give you the opportunity to show off your tan and some muscles. If you are the more conservative type or not too daring to wear something sheer, you can layer it with other items of clothing and will give you a great look especially items in the same color tones. Sheer shirts are flexible and will provide you with a lot of options.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are also getting more common in men’s clothing in the recent years. You can see more paisley shirts and loud floral board shorts everywhere and they are quite acceptable already. By the way, they look really great with most men too. This is again a feminine element to men’s fashion but this can really make a man look more approachable and interesting.

Crop Tops

The third trend is the crop tops. Fashion is indeed odd and we are seeing crop tops as part of men’s fashion for the year 2011. Crop tops may really look good for women but men might not really completely agree with wearing one. Fortunately, the crop tops for men are loose tees that a bit shorter than the usual shirts. These are the male crop tops.

This style of clothing is really great for those with a tiny waist and a set of abs to show off. Now, that can be really a great surprise.


Fashion can be surprising and it can make something weird and seemingly odd really fun and creative. Men might always be on the safe side with their fashion senses. But these top 3 fashion trends might just change their minds.

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