Mothers Day Gifts – How To Get Something Special For Your Wife

Mothers Day Gifts – How To Get Something Special For Your Wife

Celebrating mother’s day is more than just giving the kids money to buy a gift for mom and it’s certainly not about you getting up extra early to pick flowers from the neighbor’s yard and putting them in a vase for your wife. Here are a few things that you should do for your wife on mother’s day.

Clean and happy kids

Everyday of the year, when you come home, your wife has the house clean, the kids are clean, dinner is almost ready; in short the house is pretty organized. What you don’t know is that everyday your wife works herself to the bone to keep things going so once in a while, it would be nice if she woke up to a clean house and no fighting kids.

Breakfast in bed and a clean kitchen

Sure you should make her breakfast in bed but don’t leave the kitchen looking extremely filthy. Clean things up so that your wife doesn’t have to get back to cleaning. Try and tidy up the rest of the house the night before and give her as much free time as possible.

Something from you

Your wife would love a gift that’s just from you. You may have paid for the gift that the kids got but that doesn’t make it your gift to your wife. Mothers day gift baskets or mothers day fruit baskets are a great gift that you can get for her. The whole family can enjoy it together and it’ll be something special just from you.

Do stuff for her

Doing chores around the house is a nice gesture but what would make your wife even happier is if you did something just for her. This could be organizing something for her, ironing her clothes for work for an entire week or even being her shopping buddy for a while.

Giving her a girls’ night out

Give your wife some time to spend with her girlfriends or take her to visit her own mom. It’s a priceless gift to give her.

Dinner and the dishes

Breakfast-in-bed is good but dinner in the evening is even better. A lot of men do the whole breakfast-in-bed bid and then let the rest of the day run its course like any normal day. Do something for her in the evening too, like cooking her a nice dinner and doing the dishes too (no post mothers day mess to clean up.)

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