Bulaggi Handbags

Bulaggi Handbags

Bulaggi Handbags are those which can be found in different shapes, sizes and colours therefore taking care of all the needs and concerns of their customers. In terms of colour for this summer, anything goes! With this great collection, the feeling of the summer can last longer than expected as the designs are based on the latest fashion trends. The name of this collection is called Flash!S/S 2010 collection. This collection caters for the needs of the changing seasons by using different colours and shades.

Some of the big fashion trends this summer are:

• Glamorous sequins

• Bulaggi Dutch canal houses’ design

• Reptile look

• Ever popular hobo bag

To give some description of the different handbags I will start with the Bulaggi canal houses’ design. This handbag is created to give the feeling of the Amsterdam’s canals with lots of space in luxurious cotton. The handbags with the sequence look have been beyond popular and it is found in colours such as dark blue, bronze and silver, not to mention the various designs which this bag comes with. Next is the Reptile handbag which replicates the snake. This bag comes in a variety of colours such as camel, brown, black and dark blue. This handbag feels very differently from the other two and the word which best describes the look of the reptile handbag is “vintage.”

Emphasis is placed on the fact that anyone can find a handbag from the wide collection of Bulaggi handbags. For instance those who are more on the romantic side will be enveloped in the charming grab bags, flower appliqu?� attached to the handbags and those with satin roses.

There are also handbags with graphics such as a polyurethane circle prints and its silky soft cotton. Handbags are also available for those women who are on the go and need something sturdier and likewise more reliable for their demanding needs. The Croco bag fills this need. However there are women who pay attention to every little detail and so Bulaggi also caters for them there is a supple uni bag which is detailed in different ways for example the bag may be lined differently or the buckle which accentuates it may stand out.

These variances show the extent to which The Flash! S/S 2010 collection caters for every customer’s needs. What are even more attractive are the prices which follow. These handbags are available in countries throughout Europe and were available from the beginning of March. Some more items which Bulgy specializes in are:

• Trendy accessories

• Contemporary ladies’ bags

• Leisure bags

• Party bags

For those of you who wish to view the collection of Bulaggi bags they are on display at the showroom in Hilversum and at all Bulaggi agents. The spring/summer collection is distributed from December while the Autumn/Winter collections follow from the first week of July. Bulaggi are major participators in several international fairs such as the fashion, shoe and leather goods sector.

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