Shopaholic No More

Shopaholic No More

I have been to the mall lately, and I am so excited to see new items on sale. However, when I think about buying, I already feel guilty. Sometimes what I buy is not what I really need. So I have to be careful because I already reached my credit card limits. I am becoming a shopaholic I guess. But I want to buy Christmas gifts as early as possible so that I will not experience the same Christmas rush last year and I swear I do not want to be in that situation again! You will search for the things you want then you will bump into crowd and stand in front of the cashier for hours and hours to pay for your gifts. Then you will end up forgetting something and you have to go back and stand in the line again.

This year I am changing! But where can I buy fantastic gifts that are not expensive? Is there such a thing? Nowadays, I do not think those two words can fit together. But when browsing online, a site for personalized gifts caught my attention. They have great items like the engraved beaded silver jewelry box which is perfect for my mother, a personalized key to my heart silver plated key chain for my little sister, a personalized quilted cell phone case & id holder set for my friends, and other elegant items like Eire lavender paisley leatherette stainless steel 4oz flask, a personalized freshwater pearl pendant jewelry set, a personalized tree of love print with wood frame, an architectural love letter name frame, personalized tranquility spa kit which I am planning to buy myself, a personalized silver plated jewelry box with raised heart, and a lot more. I do not want to forget my father and my brothers as well. So my dad will settle with a personalized NFL football emblem money clip since he is a fan of NFL. And for my two brothers, I will give them an engraved high polish pocket watch and an engraved silver pocket watch.

By the way these items are really great groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts. But come to think of it they are perfect for all occasions. You do not have to worry about birthday gifts, wedding gifts, graduations gifts, and anniversary gifts. You name it, they have it! Just be creative with your personalized designs, I am sure it will be a hit all the time.

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