Eco-Friendly Gifts For the Holidays and All Occasions

Eco-Friendly Gifts For the Holidays and All Occasions

Holiday season signifies merriment and gift giving. But the concept of green living during the holidays may seem to be a toughie. Fret not! Because with tons of eco-friendly gifts available on the market today, it’s rather easy to find unique gifts that as well fall into the category of green products.

Here are some of the eco-friendly gift ideas and suggestions for the holidays and for all occasions:

Reusable bags and recycled totes – Perfect for your shopping diva or fashionista friend, these eco-friendly bags would definitely be functional for them. Help them veer away from using plastic bags when shopping by bringing their own stylish, durable, reusable bags, which can be made from cotton, linen or hemp. On the other hand, recycled totes made from candy wrappers and other food packages are great accessories for those holiday parties or even romantic dates.

Solar powered charger – Solar power is huge these days, which is good news for your techie loved ones and frequent traveler friends! They can constantly stay connected without being such a pain to the environment. Take advantage of the sun’s free energy by giving him or her a handy-dandy solar powered charger that juices up cell phones, iPods, and even laptops.

Organic food and goodies – Ideal for health buffs, vegetarians, and eco-conscious colleagues and friends, organic products are good for the planet. They do not use chemicals and pesticides unlike mainstream food products, making them more nutritious and harmless to the environment. Grab some organic chocolates, coffee, tea, or wine at your local shops to also help your community’s economy.

Vintage jewelry – Want something unique for your mom or best friend? Make her feel special by giving her antique jewelry found at thrift shops, jewelry stores, and online. Shopping for these dazzling accessories is a useful, chic way to recycle wearable metals and gems. Besides, vintage is a classic piece that appeals to almost anyone. They are so pretty; you can even buy one for yourself, too.

Bike – Bicycles are no doubt environmentally-friendly gifts. They require no gas, just pure human power. Give a new, upgraded or secondhand bike to your outdoor enthusiast fellow and help him or her enjoy nature more, while reducing impact to the planet. Bikes are also suitable for sporty individuals to foster a fit and green lifestyle. Plus, they can even forget about driving to work or commuting if they have “wheels” to show off.

Eco-friendly kitchenware – Stainless steel food containers, bamboo cutting boards, glassware are just some of the numerous green kitchen tools that you can give away to moms and homemakers this Yuletide season. Stainless steel, bamboo, and glass are all renewable, reusable, and recyclable, and 100% green gifts.

When it comes to buying presents, we also have to be as ecologically minded as if we’re shopping for our own needs. So, encourage green gift giving this holidays and be a good example to your family, friends, and loved ones. Moreover, conscientiously chosen gifts make a favorable difference to the planet and to the people around you. Keep in mind that these eco-friendly gift recommendations are applicable, too, for all other occasions. Besides, we have to be planet-friendly all year round!