Using Promotional Products to Help Make Your Team Building Event a Success

Using Promotional Products to Help Make Your Team Building Event a Success

Planning a good team building event can be a daunting task. Even if you have great ideas, the event can fail if things don’t all click into place. When organising a team building event, it is important to consider how you are going to capture the participants’ creativity and positive spirit. You will also want to find ways to keep the group entertained and comfortable. Get all of this right and you are well on your way to a fun and successful occasion.

There are promotional gifts that can help you to do just that. Team building days can be anything from a company BBQ to an all out adventure course challenge. Let’s look at some of the promotional products that can help make your event a huge success regardless of the activities you have planned.

Branded Clothing

Products such as matching caps, t-shirts, sweatbands and sunglasses can make the event a fun and memorable experience. If you have different teams, you could order clothing that is in different colours.

A company with a bright red logo could order red polo shirts and matching caps with their logo reversed out and embroidered in white. They could then order white shirts with their logo embroidered as normal in red.

Give away this merchandise and your employees will always remember which team they were on and the fun they had.

The added bonus here is that people generally like to wear the logo of organisations they feel close too. This can help promote your business long after the team building event is over.

Remember the importance of capturing the participants’ creativity and positive approach to it all? Wearing team colours works wonders. No one wants to let their side down.

Keeping Everyone Entertained

The promotional products you purchase for entertainment purposes is greatly down to what you have planned. There are professional sized and miniature footballs, rackets and balls, beach BBQs, digital and film cameras, flasks – you name it – it can probably be branded with your logo.

Often it is these types of promotional products that really get people inspired to participate and loosen up. The promotional products that are used for games and evening entertainment can also be used as incentives to work hard and help your team to success.

Promotional Products for Comfort

It is a very good idea to consider the attendees’ personal comfort. This will make for a more enjoyable event for you and them. If you are planning a winter outdoor event, you might like to consider giving away winter clothing just as jackets and embroidered fleeces.

Lip balms, towels, drinks bottles, blankets, walking sticks, plasters – all of these are possible products that your employees could be happy to receive depending on what you have planned.

I encourage you to look into the amazing selection of promotional merchandise online. There are products for almost every type of event.

Remember that catalogues cannot possibly feature every product so if you do not find what you are looking for – ask!

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