Fall ’09 Trends

Fall ’09 Trends

While we all feel the pinch, it can be said that the ongoing economic crisis has even had an effect on the direction in which fashion trends and designs are headed for the Fall of 2009. The major fashion designers have tended to focus on investment clothing, with classic styles and lines coming to the fore.

These fashion items are expected to have a longevity that previous designs have not had. In other words, they will not date, and can be worn time and time again over the coming years – which makes them an excellent investment in times of economic turmoil. In addition, many designers have epitomized their own styles with statement styles, displaying unique, eccentric and escapist characteristics.

Tailored blouses, the classic little black dress in the 1950s style, pencil skirts and high waisted trousers are all in fashion this coming fall. These are all basic items that are useful addition to anyone’s wardrobe (and arguably a must-have) that can be dressed up or down, and kept in line with future fashion trends by adding a little something that is completely contemporary.

Black, grey and white are the predominant colors, accompanied by touches of purple. The bold 1980s style is making a big come back, featuring leather and suede and those inevitable chunky shoulder pads – but more angular than before. Donna Karen has favored the wide shouldered look of the 1980s, while sequined frocks, oversize jewelery and metallic fabrics are used by several top designers.

Both thick and thin belts are worn with simple flattering lines, with opaque black or white tights remaining popular this season. Shoulders are exposed with one sleeve satin knee length party dresses, embellished with draped soft fabrics, especially in metallic materials, and featuring low neck lines. The bandage dress is figure hugging and appears with bulkier winter fabrics, sequins and shiny panels.

Textured fabrics are important for the Fall 09 season, with plenty of lace, velvet, brocade and chiffon. Skin tight leather trousers in bold colors are eye catching. The citrus colors that were such a big feature for Spring 2009 are still in fashion, such as tangerine and orange, and these coordinate well with the monochromes of Fall.

Shoes and boots are black or near black, petrol blue, deep violet, dark green, deep red or charcoal. Neutral and skin tones are also a feature, and square toes replace the rounded toe. Heels are higher than ever, and boots are knee length and above. Over the knee boots are ‘de rigeur’ for fall 2009, in soft suede, leathers or lace, skin tight and to be worn with short dresses and skirts or under trousers.

Motorbike inspired knee boots are fur edged, with metal studs or leather covered studs. Ultra high lace up ankle boots are also a big feature, worn with cute ankle socks and ‘vampish’ tight skirts. Sandals and evening shoes are in a Mary Jane style, which have been worn by teenagers on ‘the scene’ for more than a year, now. Many of the spring fashion trends are continued into the Fall 2009 season, with animal prints still very popular, leopard, tiger and zebra patterns being most frequently seen. These appear on ankle length dresses, leggings, coats, sweaters, belts and large statement jewelery.

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