Fun, Play and Work With the Nokia N95

Fun, Play and Work With the Nokia N95

When it comes to phones, Nokia is not a foreign name in the telecom industry. In its glorious past, the entity has launched a range of outlandish handsets with ultra-modern features. These handsets, equipped with latest technology also offers high-end features in with no complexities.

The latest Nokia N95 8GB with compact slider is one of the finest handset designed by the entity. By keeping in mind a better viewing experience, the entity has given it a wide TFT screen, so that one can watch movies, play games and surf Internet in a better way. The high resolution camera is the another remarkable feature of this handset.

Physically, the handset weighs only 128 gms, which makes its light weight handset so as not to put extra burden on your pocket. The support for HSDPA is what enables this handset to provide a better browsing experience with the high speed data transfer potential. Other connectivity solutions that this handset includes are EDGE, WLAN Wi-Fi and USB.

The GPS navigation is also one of the striking feature of this handset as it could be utilized while traveling in different countries and cities, as the GPS system supports map of plenty of countries. Apart from this, the handset is powered by Symbian operating system, which can be easily seen in almost every smart-phone manufactured by Nokia.

With a descent storage of up to 8GB, one would not feel the requirement of any external storage memory. For better connectivity and faster speed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infra red Pop Port connection, along with USB cable connection, WLAN and EDGE technology are provided to get the most out of this handset. The handset makes multitasking easy with its state-of-the-art features. This handset is available under various contract phone deals along with plenty of lucrative offers. Get enticing deals along with this phone and also get benefited from the special offers and discounts that come along.

Additionally, the Nokia N95 also stuffed with ground breaking futuristic technology which also brings plenty of stupendous high-end smart phone features. This sleek shaped Nokia N95 also carries a 5 mega pixel camera, which is one of the most remarkable features of this handset. It allows an individual to capture and store videos and images in a high quality format. If an individual is looking out for looking for hi-tech smart phone features or excellent multimedia features, this handset has it all. For music lovers there is an additional treat, as this handset also bears an incredible sound. The handset also supports quad band, that allows one to surf and download at a lightening fast speed.

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