Reasons Why Handcrafted Items Are So Special and Great Gifts

Reasons Why Handcrafted Items Are So Special and Great Gifts

Over the years I have managed to save quite a few handcrafted items. These are very special great gifts given to me by one or other of my 5 children.

I now receive similar precious little presents from my amazing grandchildren at any opportunity and for no specific purpose.

The reason why these handcrafted items are so special to me and have made such great gifts are…

They are so personal

They are deliberately made with

Caring hands and creative thoughts

They are unique

They are totally different

1 offs, never to be repeated identically

Precious treasures

They are exclusive and

So different to all that mass produced commercial stuff that is out there

They are specific, thought out carefully, well organized and put together lovingly

They are rare and

Completely priceless

Every now and again I come across one of these little gifts and the memories come flooding back. Memories of the day when I was given the gift and who gave it to me.

From that seed thought my mind is then taken on this amazing journey of re-discovery.

Memories of that child continue to play out. Some sad, most happy and I receive an ongoing and totally unique special gift all over again.

You see what is unknown about these unique handcrafted items is not necessarily the item itself but what the item represents.

This serendipity that one receives happens on a spiritual level where material stuff just do not exist.

Deep down where every one of us keep precious memories, the things that define who we actually are, that is where you will find the real gold. Lying dormant and undiscovered until one day when you open a drawer or that box way back in the cupboard, it happens all over again.

You get to rediscover the pleasure and that is where the real magic lies. The real reason handcrafted items are so special and make such great gifts.

It is the love that surrounds them, an immeasurable quality but ever so powerful.