Top Men’s Fashion Trends of 2012

Top Men’s Fashion Trends of 2012

A brief insight into the hottest men’s fashion trends for 2012 to keep you turning heads and strutting your stuff.

Fresh from the catwalk

This year seems set to be an innovative year in the fashion world with very bold and brash fashion designs hitting the runway in Milan. Some of the top fashion designers in the world were responsible for some of the most individual and inspiring designs to hit the runway at the Milan fashion week. From summer blues to indie rock leather outfits, the showcase certainly had the retro look shining through with a touch of summer colour. The top men’s fashion trends for 2012 certainly look set to bring out the bright, bold and artistic in us all.

The sunlight shining through

Bright colours and summer blues are featured heavily in the summer / spring collections of all the major designers from ‘Armani’ to ‘Dolce’ and Gabbana’ and a common theme is ever present. It seems this year the men’s collections will no longer be limited to traditional colour schemes with burnt orange and vivid blues shining through. A contemporary twist to that 70s fashion is continuing to make a strong comeback and the colour scheme certainly seems to be putting the spotlight on the summer feel. Blue seems to be the colour for this year with a broad spectrum of shades splashing across the catwalk, adding a refreshing approach to all the top designers’ collections. Coloured hawaiian style prints spliced with european styling had a popular showing, camouflage is also back but with a touch more styling that detaches the stigma with its modern stylings. The classic look does not seem to be in any hurry to leave the latest men’s fashions for 2012 with skinny ties, light brightly coloured scarfs and checkered and plaid sports coats showing prominently across the globe.

Business attire and accessories

The business fashion seems to be pepping up with the bold being the most rewarded in the corporate sector, bearing a twisted classic approach. Checked plaid and summer blues again feature heavily with a ‘soft tailored’ approach being the featured design across the board.

There is a heavy focus on accessorizing this year as is always the case, a candid novelty for the men that can’t do without a tie. Coloured scarfs and casual neck ties seem all the rage, seemingly no dress style escaping the trend. Casual scarfs thrown across bright coloured summer wear, loose fitting retro ties, skinny jeans and soft tailored sports coats will be donned by all the heavy hitters of the fashion world.

This seems to be a bright and bubbly year in the fashion world with the top men’s fashion trends of 2012 having us don our vivid blues, bright orange neck scarves and tassle loafers.

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