Say Goodbye to Friends Leaving For College With Natural Stone Gifts

Say Goodbye to Friends Leaving For College With Natural Stone Gifts

Going away to college brings about many emotions for all involved. The college student is excited, terrified and sad all at the same time. It’s hard to go away and leave friends. It’s also hard to LET friends go off to college without feeling sad about it.

Something you can do to help send them on their way with good thoughts is to present them with the gift of a natural stone Tiger’s Eye. These are beautiful stones that can be made into rings, necklaces, bracelets, or just carried around in a pocket. They are unique and ever changing stones that are also affordable.

Natural stone jewelry and natural stones feel warm against the skin and each stone is completely different from any others. Their size makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or purse, reminding you of the great friend that gave it to you. They say that wherever you and your friend go, you’ll always be thinking of each other. It’s a truly lovely sentiment attached to beautiful stone.

If you are the one presenting the stone to someone leaving for college, you may want to have something special made with it, such as a bracelet that can be engraved with something meaningful to you both. Since the stone is not that costly, you can afford to do something extra special with the setting. You can be sure that this is a gift your friend will treasure for a lifetime.

Friendship is a healthy experience and one to be cherished. Just because friends must be separated when going away to college doesn’t mean that the friendship is over. Each of you can have a Tiger’s Eye natural stone to carry with you. Every time you look at it, fond memories will come to mind. It will make the time that you’re apart easier to bear and keep you close in your hearts.