2011 Fashion Trends in Urban Clothing

2011 Fashion Trends in Urban Clothing

2011 has arrived with a bang! The decade gone has made some really great contributions to the fashion world, but this year the days only just gone by clearly indicate a comfortable and casual trend in clothing. The best part about 2011 is the freedom to choose differently and be different. Looking back only a few days since the year rang with fervor and welcome tingles of ‘Happy New Year’, it is clear to see that flair and attitude rule the roost. The online clothing sites seem to have made the paradigm shift just as fast as the real time boutiques.

The 2011 fashion police are looking forward to continuing in the onset trend of khakis and comfy tees. Urban fashion is all about flaunting the dough and now with this casual trend in clothing the mode will definitely grow into the ‘one for each day’ attitude. You don’t have to look far for urban 2011 fashion. It is all over your favorite stars and your very own wardrobe! Yes, just go casual, mix and match and more importantly follow your dreams.

Make fashion out of all you do. This is the year to take out those stoles and scarves and make accessories sing a different tune. Use the cravat as a hand-band instead of the traditional neck adornment. Even jewelry, the fashion sensors predict, will be redefined in usage. The earring will make it around the little finger and the pendant as a trinket! However, with an improved and rejuvenated fashion sense also comes along the onus of ensuring that you shop safely.

Bank on good customer service this year and buy online without refraining from replicas or auctions. To survive as a fashion icon within your immediate sphere of influence it is imperative to meet competition head-on. Appropriate clothing does not mean ‘formal’ anymore. Dedicated clothing manufacturers are now helping you to get geared for range and brand that will take your fashion sense to exclusive designer performance.

Basically, the fashion gurus predict that the 2011 trends will redefine all standards of competition across the world. hats, un-collared shirts and hoodies will make a long impression while co-existing with the good old pair of jeans and tees. At the same time, corporate goodies are also going to make the rounds on the hangers. Grays and blues are out; flaming orange and pink are in! Highly important for all those involved in resetting trends in the urban metros is the fact that the 2011 range is completely multifunctional.

Gloves and shorts are coming right back! Accessories will know no regulations and will be subjected to the dictates of newer fashions. ‘Clothing for comfort’ is the 2011 style mantra and ‘make a fashion statement wherever you go’ is the Warrior Wear this year. So, are you up to it! All it will take is a little quality time to yourself, to redefine your wardrobe on your own. Ensure that every color out should not get in no matter what. After all this is 2011 and a year for the fashionable you to shine!

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