9 Reasons Why You Need To Shape Your Brows

There’s no denying that well-groomed, shapely brows can change your appearance completely. But if you’re hesitant to give a professional brow shaping a try, this guide will reveal the key reasons why it’s such a great idea to get those unruly eyebrows in shape!

1: The right brow shape can make you look younger

Eyebrow grooming has made a huge comeback over recent years, and Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian are great examples of how adding definition to your arches can create an even complexion, brighten your eyes and make you appear more youthful.

2: They frame your face

Your eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on your face (besides, maybe, your nose). And when they’re not properly filled in, your face can look incomplete. As such, having well-groomed eyebrows can help you gain a symmetrical facial structure and really show off your best features.

3: They’re the focus of your face

As mentioned above, your eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on your face. However, that also means they become the main focus if they’re not filled in or shaped correctly. Resulting in your face looking unbalanced and unfinished. This is especially true when you’re applying makeup that highlights another feature, be it your eyes or lips.

4: It can help to frame your eyes

Eyebrows frame the eye area, and by filling them in with a lighter color (such as an ash brown), they really bring attention to the eyes. This can result in a more vibrantly youthful and highlighted gaze that’s bound to get you noticed for all of the best reasons.

5: It can help your eyes appear more open

If you have a naturally slanted eyelid, it’s useful to bring attention upwards to make them appear more open. By having your brows shaped in a certain way, you can accomplish this effect quite easily, and it will make for a very ‘awake’ and engaging gaze.

6: They can make your eyes look bigger

Having a slightly curved brow that’s thick at the base and tapers to a thinner end results in an optical illusion. This is because it makes the eye area look more vertically long, which results in your eyes appearing larger than you would naturally assume, and the effect can be ideal for people who have naturally smaller eyes.

7: They can enhance your cheekbones

When you smile, the area below your brows becomes more prominent. And if you have well-shaped eyebrows, this has the effect of making it look like you have higher cheekbones. This is because the curve of your arch naturally follows the same contour as that part of your face, which can give off a very pleasing effect and a balanced appearance.

8: They can make your face look slimmer

Having a thick eyebrow that’s relatively square at the end can have a slimming effect on your face, as it draws attention to the outer edges of your eyes and away from the center. Ideal for those who struggle with rounder facial features.

9: They can make your features pop

When you have an arch that’s not too curved and a thickness that’s uniform throughout, the overall effect is very clean-cut. And this creates a striking appearance that’s bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

And remember, once you’ve shaped your brows, don’t forget to keep them looking their best by regularly grooming them, at least once a week. To have well-groomed brows, you should comb up the hairs with an eyebrow brush before applying brow powder or pencil. And to help fill in sparse areas, try using an angled brush dipped into concealer to mimic the look of brow hair.