Organic Mattresses – Five Reasons to Choose Organic for Baby

Organic Mattresses – Five Reasons to Choose Organic for Baby

Organic Mattresses can have a wonderful effect on giving your baby a good night’s sleep. Going organic is also great for your well-being, the environment, is kind to wildlife and allows us to make a big difference – simply through the way we shop.

These are some very compelling reasons to choose an organic mattress for your baby:

1. Natural fibres are inherently breathable and self-ventilating. This allows constant circulation of air in and around the mattress.

2. Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature. The breathability of the mattress helps regulate their temperature and stops them from getting hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

(Content baby = Sleep)

3. Organic mattresses are naturally fire-retardant. Wool by its very nature is fire-retardant without the need for nasty chemicals, unnatural treatments or fire-retardant additives.

(Safe Naturally = Double peace of mind)

4. Organic mattresses are wrapped in luxurious organic cotton for great comfort and support. Organic mattresses are made with varying combinations of Coir (for firm support), Mohair (for warmth) and Horsehair fibres for added spring and natural latex all layered in varying degrees to create different levels of support from crib to bed.

5. Organic mattresses provide certified allergy protection. In this day and age another hazard is the dreaded allergy/asthma. These are generally known to be caused by dust mites. Organic mattresses (containing lamb’s wool) are bathed in a mixture of essential oils such as lavender, lemon and eucalyptus which renders the mattresses dust mite free. Natural latex foam offers complete protection from dust mites and is 100% hypoallergenic.

Is it worth the effort?

Organic mattresses may sound a bit far-fetched, they are a bit more costly and most people will have slept soundly on non-organic mattresses for years, so why make the change?

In fact, there are many good reasons why we should avoid the large amount of chemicals that are used in the production of modern bedding.

The fabrics used are often synthetic or if cotton, then from crops which have been grown using large amounts of insecticides and other chemicals. Conventionally grown “pure cotton” t-shirts can have as many as 17 teaspoons full of pesticide residue in the finished product and cotton is widely used in the mattress industry.

Our babies may spend up to 16 hours a day asleep (we hope!). And research is now showing that we can absorb chemicals into our bodies from our surroundings. Baby’s skin is the most natural and vulnerable skin there is and with your baby’s skin coming into direct contact with bedding and the mattress you would want that surface to be the softest and safest available.

Anything we can do to avoid exposure to any doses of unnecessary chemicals surely has to be better for us and better for our babies.