Trying to Fit Into Clothes

Trying to Fit Into Clothes

People’s weight issues are never-ending. Famous people are always in magazines for being too skinny or overweight. The TV channels are filled with weight loss shows and documentaries about people with health problems who are trying to get fit. Sometimes however people are just the frame that they are meant to be.

Diet and exercise is meant to be an important part of life and to many people they do try to take this into consideration. However the number of young people being able to cook from scratch decreasing and the number of working hours increasing, this makes it very difficult to come home from work and cook up healthy meals. Healthy food always seems to be the things that take time to create meals out of. This compares to microwave meals and bars of chocolate, all the nice but naughty things, which are readily available for you to stuff your face with! Temptations pop up everywhere and you will need real will power if you are a bit obsessed with a certain bad thing for you.

Although people do become overweight from eating unhealthily and having too much of the wrong food, underweight people can too become this way through not eating enough. Some however are naturally just this way. Some ‘skinny’ people who you see walking down the street are trying really hard to put on weight and whilst many people wonder how they can moan about having to put it on, but it can be just as difficult for them to put pounds on as it is for larger people to drop them.

When you create sculptures of human beings you have to start out with a wire frame, and although some people with weight issues will use this as an excuse, it can be true that some were built to hold a certain amount of weight. Whether it is no more or no less, it can be very difficult for these people to change shape. Although this may sound odd, some people genuinely look better being a bit over or underweight; if they drastically changed they will not look like they did before and some parts of their body may change which they wished had not.

Clothes can be a struggle at both ends of the spectrum; I know this because I can still fit into young children’s clothes although I am lucky enough to fit into adult sizes too. For some who can only fit into kids clothes it can be upsetting as they want to be able to shop in the normal adult section instead of the children’s wear, or on the other scale in the plus size department. No matter what size you are or where you are trying to get to, as long as you are happy in yourself do not worry about where you have to shop, it’s how you make the clothes look on you that counts.

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