Choosing a Bridal Handbag

Choosing a Bridal Handbag

To have a memorable wedding is a dream which every girl has in her eyes from the moment she understands the meaning of this intense and pure relationship. She will want every detail of the D-day to be perfect. Handbags form a vital part of any woman’s bridal trousseau. So, when it comes to bridal handbags, it is not a surprise if the brides-to-be spend hours selecting them. But there are many aspects which come into the picture when choosing a bridal handbag. The most vital of these aspects is the style, color and size of the handbags. Let us have a look at these one by one.


The choices of women vary to a great extent when it comes to buying a bridal handbag. Certain women love fashion handbags decorated with baubles and beads, while others prefer an eccentric stylish handbag with rhinestones and palettes. There are also no frill women’s purses that although simple, still look elegant.

If the bridal wear you have chosen is quite simple, then add shine to your appearance with some trendy jewelry, a vibrant stylish handbag and high heel shoes. A handbag in subtle shades of pink or cream, adorned with stones and embellishments is also perfect for the occasion. Or else you can opt for a simple patterned handbag with flowers or some delicate embroidery to add elegance to your bridal wear.


Once you have decided the style of your wedding handbag, choosing the color should be easy. If you are a bride who wants to play it safe, select a bridal purse in white, pearl, ivory or similar shades. If you can splurge, choose from a range of designer wedding handbags that match the color of your wedding gown. For a glamorous look select jazzy colors. You also have a choice of all time favorite colors like blue or red, they generally complement any theme. Also ensure that the handbag and other accessories do not clash otherwise with your wedding gown, but generally complement each other in varying shades.


Last but not the least; let us take a look at what is the ideal size of a bridal handbag. Will you be using the handbag only as an accessory for the sake of your wedding pictures or will it rest beside your chair all through the event? What exactly is the use of the bridal handbag? Is it just for show or you want to keep some handy last minute touch up stuff for emergencies? Generally, brides keep some makeup accessories like lipstick, eyeliner, lip gloss, hand mirror, tissues, pins etc in their handbags. These things do come in useful at some point or other on the wedding day. So depending upon your requirements, the size of your bridal handbag may vary from a small palm size purse to a medium stylish bag.

The latest fashion trends do matter, but what matters most is that you should be comfortable with what you choose, after all a handbag is ultimately a reflection of your very own personality.