Which Random Act of Kindness Should You Do?

Being kind is so easy, but it isn’t easy to pick something kind to do. Here are some that you can choose from and do right now.

Be Kind to Your Server

It’s easy to treat your boss with respect. Treating your server at the coffee shop with kindness could brighten their day.

Compliment a Driver on Their Parking

Parking is tough. Big trucks can barely fit in the spots. Some people take up two or more spots. If you see someone parked perfectly, take a minute to compliment them.

Plant a Tree

There are so many benefits of trees. Everyone knows they provide oxygen. They also provide shade and can help reduce air pollution. Planting a tree in your yard is a good way to be kind to the environment.

Reply to a Post You Like

Replying to a post with a compliment or a fun fact could make someone’s day. Just take a moment to show that you are thankful for their inspiration or good humor. Tell them if you value them. This is so simple.

Run Errands at Once

Running your errands at once is a great way to work on your time management skills. Plus, doing errands all at once conserves gas, which is good for the planet.

Join an Online Group

With everyone stuck at home, online groups have become a great way for people to connect with others. So join a new online group. Make others feel supported. Even just liking others’ content could make them feel appreciated.

Teach Kindness

It’s easy to teach others about kindness. This can be done through your words and your actions.

Knit Something

If you’re crafty, this one is for you. Knitting something is also a great way to hit your million acts of kindness, especially¬†if you knit stuff and give it to those in need.

Being kind doesn’t have to be a strenuous task. Just taking the time to brighten someone’s day is a great way to work on being kind.