50th Birthday Gag Gifts That Will Create Big Laughs

50th Birthday Gag Gifts That Will Create Big Laughs

Have a person in your life who is facing a coming 50th birthday with maybe a little trepidation? Do they have the ability to poke fun at themselves? Give them an hilarious gag 50th birthday gift, or two, that will point out the lighter side of getting older!

1) Is your friend a literary sort of person? How about a poem to mark this particular occasion? One that humorously addresses this landmark date is sure to lift spirits and get a chuckle. Not a poet yourself? Find a store that has great gag poems that you can personalize with a few lines and add the person’s name right into the body of the poem! Framed and displayed on a wall or table, it will give them a smile every time every time they pass by!

2) You can assemble a small “cosmetics assistance to aging” gift basket. You’ll be able to easily buy some coarse sand paper at your local hardware store. When properly labeled, it becomes instant wrinkle remover! A jar of hair styling gel relabeled converts to hair replenishing tonic. You can get some large plastic tweezers and label them for those ear hairs that are sure to crop up. Transparent surgical tape is an easy find. Packaged & labeled with directions, this becomes “instant facelift” when applied at the hairline! Then there is suntan lotion can be labeled “specifically for that approaching bald spot” What about an ace bandage with directions to wrap around the jaw, over the head to help keep that jaw line taut! (It also helps with snoring by keeping the person’s mouth closed at night!!)

3) How about a 50th birthday t shirt they’ll love wearing with a positive slogan about turning 50? Or maybe an over-the-hill shirt that lists all those things we know are happening (or going to happen!) but will do so in a way that makes your aging loved one laugh!

4) If you want to choose something a bit more out of the ordinary to give that wonderful birthday guy or gal, how about a vanity license plate that proclaims how special life is after 50? Or if your birthday person is a golfer, some golf balls that not only say Happy Birthday, but how fabulous it is to be 50!

5) When buying a gift or making one, print out labels for them using extra fine print. (it’s easy to find labels at an office supply place, or bring in to be printed). Then as the person squints to read it (my, how suddenly we need those bifocals!) produce a magnifying glass wrapped up with a ribbon. This will not just come in handy for this delightfully funny gift, but as a useful tool in the years to come!