The Five Great Green Ideas This Summer

The Five Great Green Ideas This Summer

The promise of a good summer keeps many people going throughout the winter. The chance to turn off the heating and spend a few lazy afternoons in the garden not only saves us money but the summer months are the best opportunity to put into practice all those green ideas that you’ve been thinking about.

5. Keep the heating off at night. While the summer months can be nice and hot during the day it can often get chilly at night and it can be all too tempting to put the heating on. Why not make sure you have a nice warm duvet and what could be better than a genuine 100% pure wool duvet, forget synthetics look to Mother Nature, green, warm and cozy.

4. Summer parties. Barbecues, picnics and parties are a great way to enjoy the sunshine socialise and show your friends some of your great green ideas. Biodegradable eco-plates are a great way to enjoy a picnic and not worry about leaving any rubbish behind making the perfect picnic eco-plate.

3. Wind up radios. Talking of picnics, no trip out would be complete without a radio. Wind-up radios are not only eco-friendly but a wind-up radio will also avoid the batteries running dead just when your favourite song gets played. Many wind-up radios also include inbuilt cell phone chargers.

2. Solar lighting. What a great way to take advantage of the sunshine than to store it up and use it to keep the party going long into the night. There are a huge variety of solar lights available from post garden lights to smaller lanterns and ‘moon jars’.

1. Home starter kits. For those that want to recycle and start to live a greener and more environmentally friendly lifestyle but don’t know how, a eco-home starter kit is an ideal way to start. Full of innovative ideas such as those mentioned in this list these eco-home and eco-apartment starter kits contain everything you need to live a green and eco-friendly lifestyle.