The Age Old Debate – Pants Verses Dresses

The Age Old Debate – Pants Verses Dresses

Not all debates can reach a fruitful conclusion and if such a debate revolves around clothing for women, there are very little chances that it will ever reach a conclusion! This time it’s about pants versus dresses! Pants and dresses both are time-tested formulas which work fabulously well for casual clothes as well as for fashion clothes for women and both work wonders for any body type, be it petite frame or for plus size clothing for women.

When it comes to formal chic clothing meant for office wear, some would like to give pants or trousers as clothes for women extra marks in terms of practicality and style. True, but the wide range of dresses for women available in every possible cut and pattern these days, makes for trendy clothes for women. You can wear your pants in a fitted silhouette, or in high waist flared bottom style. Or, if you are in the mood for casual clothing with pants, you can go for low waist, anti fit trousers – great for Friday evenings or even Saturday night outs!

Casual dresses for women are wonderful options for chic clothes. Casual summer dresses are a popular pick for daytime occasions like a lunch party or simply when you are out for shopping! Opting for any of those white dresses for women seem to be just the right idea to keep it cool and comfy. If it’s an evening get together or dinner date, you can always up the glam quotient by slipping into one of the black dresses for women. With stylish range of party dresses for women on offer, who needs to spend a fortune after expensive designer clothes for women!

Be it pants or dresses, you can’t really replace one completely with the other! Both are must have items as women’s casual wear and formal chic clothing options in your wardrobe!

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