Kikoys – A Necessity In Your Summer Wardrobe Collection

Kikoys – A Necessity In Your Summer Wardrobe Collection

When you suddenly start resenting the warmth of your favourite winter suit, when hot coffee stops being the ideal beverage of the day, you get the signal that it’s time to bid farewell to the lovely winters! This is the time when you begin to dread the scorching rays of the sun, sweat odour in the air and dehydration. In other words, summer for most people, is always the worst nightmare. However, some of us especially women look forward to the scorching weather because that is when they get to show off their skin with that perfect tan. Be it a shopping mall or a local beach, you see miniskirts, shorts, strappy tops and loose frocks everywhere!

So, if you want to look sexy, smart and flaunt those good looks, you would definitely like your wardrobe to be diverse, unique and definitely up-to-date. One item that always looks trendy and stylish especially during summers is the long dress. These long dresses come in various designs and colours. Their soft fabric is comfortable in a sweaty climate and the loose fit provides air ventilation; just what you need in summers. One such dress which has recently emerged as the most ‘in-vogue’ item is the Kikoi.

Kikoi – A Legacy Of The Traditionalists

A traditional East African garment worn by Swahili sailors seafaring the Indian ocean, kikois have been worn for centuries and is now being offered as a versatile beach wear attire to people everywhere. Although they are served and worn as sarongs, the versatility of this dress will allow you to use them in many different forms, such as scarves, pajamas, a turban and even for brightening up your room as a sofa-throw. The best part is that a Kikoi suits people from all statures due to its affordable cost. Some people also use this to decorate their house; as curtain palmate, table runners or sofa cushions.

Coming back to Kikoi as a dress, let’s explore the options of how and where to buy this dress from. Since it is not readily available in stores, shopping for a Kikoi online seems to be a good idea. However there are some drawbacks of this purchase:

You will not be able to try it on before you buy it to see if it fits you

The colour may turn out to be different than how it seems in the picture

You will not have the option of trying out different styles to see which one looks the best on your body-type.

But then the brighter side is that you are not restricted to just use your kikoi as a dress. In case you do not like how it looks on you (which is seldom the case), you can always utilize it in the many different ways as discussed earlier. Kikoi just has to be a must-add to your summer collection.

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