Top Ten Affordable Boredom Busters For Students

Top Ten Affordable Boredom Busters For Students

The summer break is coming up, and while students will be more than happy to have a well-deserved break, the student budget doesn’t always allow for all of the pastimes we would like to indulge in.

For any students who are looking for inexpensive ways to make the most of their summer break, we have put together a list of our top ten affordable boredom busters.

1) Take advantage of all of your student discounts! You may well find that many activities you would like to take part in are more accessible than you think. This includes transport, cinema tickets and even music gigs.

2) Create a spa in your own home with candles, aromatherapy oils, a self-manicure/pedicure and your favourite hair treatment!

3) Fitness with a friend. Take this chance to get physically tip-top in time for the autumn term. It’s far more fun with a friend and you can encourage each other to stay motivated. Biking, walking and swimming are fab and inexpensive ways to do this, or if you have a friend with an interactive computer game this can also be a great way to make fitness fun.

4) Work on your cooking skills. If you live at home, offer to help to prepare the tea at least once a week, you will gain brownie points and can impress your friends next term with your new skills. Cooking a meal is a good way to entertain friends on those colder nights in.

5) Go camping. You can pick up a tent for next to nothing these days so take advantage and invite a friend to join you for some stargazing. Always be safe by telling people where you are and make sure you have permission to camp wherever you decide to pitch up.

6) Hometown tourist. Get out and about in your nearest town and discover places you never knew existed.

7) Visit fetes, fairs and festivals. Take some picnic food and go along to affordable events. There is often a lot to do and see, even on a low budget.

8) Create your own photo shoot. Get dressed up, in your best togs or crazy outfits for a fun pastime that will give you some great memories to look back on.

9) Earn some extra cash. Apply for holiday work or offer to do jobs such as babysitting or cutting your neighbours lawn for extra cash.

10) Volunteer. This can be a great way to gain experience in any job. Many employers will happily take on a volunteer to help out over the summer break, or you can do your bit for charity – which will not only make you feel good but will also look great on your resume or cv.

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