Start Giving Gifts That Protect The Environment

Start Giving Gifts That Protect The Environment

Our environment is degrading day by day. It is high time we take some concrete steps to save the life on earth. Methods ranging from the usage of low power bulbs to the environment friendly transport are already in place. There’re numerous other efforts being made to save our environment from depleting. It is our environment so we should take all possible steps to protect it. Giving eco friendly gifts is one thing each one of us may start with. Below are the suggestions for some eco-friendly gifts.

Organic flowers are the most attractive alternative in the list of eco friendly gifts. The blossoms are grown in the most natural way. It should be kept in mind that flowers of local variety are grown so that no fuel is burnt in transportation. It will also help you save some extra bucks. For this you can consult a plant nursery or a nearby florist for these flowers. Houseplants are also an excellent option over flowers. They live longer and therefore your present will have a longer life.

How about giving away natural perfumes to your loved ones? The majority of the perfumes available in the market are made up of synthetics. These synthetics have different harmful effects on the environment. Go in for natural perfumes which are made of botanical extracts and animal essences. These perfumes not just smell awesome but are safe too. Unlike artificial perfumes that may trigger allergic reactions such as a skin rash or pimples, these are safe. If you have developed zits as a result of these artificial perfumes, you could use the Zenmed Derma Cleanse System to get rid of it. This anti acne product works on all types of acne.

Greeting cards are always a welcome gift. Whether it is someone’s birthday, farewell or the commencement of festive season, greeting cards are always in use. You can make this evergreen gift environment friendly by using cards made from recycled paper. Such cards are readily obtainable in the market. In the event you want to take an additional step towards being eco friendly, consider sending an e-card. Making a card at home is also an option. Create some ravishing botanart greeting cards and you’re bound to have appreciation coming your way.

Sounds unusual but kitchen scraps crock is a brilliant environment friendly gift you can give. Kitchen scraps are important item of compost. People who have huge backyards store kitchen scraps for composting. Storing kitchen scraps is not a simple task. It emits a bad odor. Here kitchen scraps crock is very useful. It stores the scraps effortlessly and fits the home environment perfectly. The crocks also contain carbon filters which cut down the bad odor.

These environment friendly gifts are pleasing in a way that they show your sincere involvement with your kith and kin and the ecosystem.