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Guide to Dressing For Weddings

Guide to Dressing For Weddings

Type of wedding

The first thing to check is the kind of wedding it is that you have been invited to. Is it a daytime or evening event? Is it black tie, white tie, smart casual or even themed?

The invitation should specify the type of wedding this is going to be but if you are in doubt ask other guests close to the couple getting married, or, as a last resort, the couple themselves.

Black tie or formal

Black tie and formal weddings give guests the opportunity to ‘go glam’. A dinner suit or tuxedo is ideal for men and women should opt for something feminine but sophisticated, with a hint of evening style. Don’t be afraid of heels and sparkling accessories.

White tie

At a white tie wedding men should choose a tail-coat rather than a dinner suit. Waistcoats, shirts and ties should be white and for women it means choosing a longer, formal dress.


Smart/casual weddings mean that men can opt for a shirt and tie but a suit jacket is optional. Women should dress as you would for a meal with friends. Smart trousers or a skirt are acceptable but dress it up with a glamorous top and use accessories to finish your look.

Other tips

A top tip is to never wear the same colour as the bride (usually whites or creams) it is important that you do not upstage her. You may wear the same colour as the bridesmaids, however.

Never expose too much skin or wear ‘sexy’ items.

Never wear jeans, badly fitted clothing, or clothing with holes, frays or stains.

Always wear comfortable shoes, do not try a pair for the first time at a wedding, you will be wearing them for a long time.