Read Why Promotional Paper Products Are Great Pieces of Promotional Merchandise

Read Why Promotional Paper Products Are Great Pieces of Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Paper Products are available in lots of different shapes and sizes and are a really good method of getting your information out to the market. Items such as printed memo blocks, printed note pads or printed sticky notes for instance are used almost every day by men and women at home and at the office. Printing your company name or logo discreetly in the corner of every page results in it appearing in lots of different places. There are many different promotional products in this sector and listed here are the biggest sellers as well as some extra information on each of them.

Promotional Memo Holders

These Desk top items have become very popular corporate gifts and provide plenty of potential for branding. The holders are normally made from plastic although the increased interest in environmentally friendly promotional items has seen a number of wooden options appearing. These extremely effective corporate gifts allow you to print not just the holders but also each separate piece of paper. This increases the advertising potential and doubles your ROI.

Promotional note pads

These very useful corporate gifts are used by lots of individuals at home or in the workplace on a regular basis. As pieces of promotional merchandise they are extremely cost effective because the covers as well as the individual pages can be branded. In effect this allows you to have the choice of either one recurring advertisement throughout or different messages on each page. Spiro bound note pads are probably the most popular types of these excellent promotional items.

Promotional memo blocks

These extremely visual promotional items have become incredibly popular over the past decade or so. This is largely because of major advances in printing techniques. At one time these products were thought to be somewhat down market corporate promotional products however but that is not the case now. Beautiful four colour process printing can now be put on to all the four sides and with branding on each individual sheet as well they represent exceptional value. In addition, by positioning a hole in the corner they could also incorporate other promotional products for example printed pens or pencils.

Promotional Desk Pads

The largest of all the paper promotional products Desk Pads are the much larger version of the usual promotional note pads and are ideal if you want to include important product information at the point of purchase. The most popular would almost definitely be the A2 Desk pad because it gives lots of room for marketing around the sides and yet still retains lots of blank space in the middle. It is also possible to get them with attached 3M Post It Notes dispensers which turns a simple giveaway into really useful promotional gift.

Compared to more run of the mill corporate merchandise for example printed T-shirts, leather conference folders or maybe even promotional bottled water, paper promotional products can seem somewhat bland. Nevertheless they remain extremely cost effective and of course compared to promotional clothing they are very reasonably priced. For the cost of an embroidered polo shirt for example you could purchase 100 sets of 3M Post-It-Notes which will almost certainly be viewed by a far greater audience. Please ensure that you talk to corporate gifts supplier in plenty of time when you need to buy some gifts next. New developments and enhancements are always occurring in the promotional merchandise industry and it’s important that you are familiar with them.

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