Baby Shower Gifts: 7 Top Baby Gifts for A New Born

Baby Shower Gifts: 7 Top Baby Gifts for A New Born

A baby is a nice addition to the family. While you can cuddle the baby to your heart’s content, you must not forget to bring the newly born loads and loads of gifts just to express your ardent love. When it comes to baby shower gifts, there are plenty to choose from. However, here we present some of the top baby gifts which will keep any baby and its mom more than just happy:

i. Beautiful baby shoes: Baby shoes or booties are ideal gifts since they can be used by the newborn almost immediately. Make sure to buy booties which are comfortable to the wearer, cute in looks and extremely protective.

ii. Gift or note cards: This gift is more for the mom than the baby. You can supplement your other gift with a note or gift card. A personalized card with a personalized message will be the more preferred one and can also serve as keepsakes from the occasion.

iii. A baby seat or pram: Why not gift the baby a cushioned seat or a pram which can be safe and snuggly. Plus, the modern day sellers stock those alluring and sophisticated ones which even come with lights & musical notes.

iv. A play mat: A colorful and jovial-looking play mat is also considered one of the top baby gifts. It can come with toys, soft toys, chimes and other attractive things that will keep the baby in a cheerful mood.

v. Books: Books make for another perfect gift. But we are not talking of any normal fiction piece! If you are planning to buy a book for the mom, then make sure that it has got interesting facts and trivia about babies or it has tips on parenting or things like that. On the other hand, if you are looking for a book for the baby, you can purchase those animation-filled picture books which are tailor made for a toddler of a 1-2 year old.

vi. Newborn pictures: When you are picking baby shower gifts for the mom, one of the best gifts that you can give is an adorable picture of the newborn. The mom can hang the picture on the wall of her bedroom and gape at it throughout the day until her own baby arrives. This is a gift that comes with loads of feel-good feeling!

vii. Bath kit: Bath kits also make for coveted baby gifts. The baby, once he arrives, will need a lot of cleaning and for the sake of hygiene, it is always prudent to have a separate bath kit for the young one. A bath kit comes with lots of essential things including towels, combs, brushes and even bath toys. Both the baby and the mother are going to love this gift for sure.

Some other baby shower gifts that you can pick up are silver spoons (silver gifts are popular by tradition), bedding for the baby, baby monitor, sling or carrier, activity gym and sleep kit. Besides, you can also buy gifts like nappy cakes if you are looking for something adorable and inexpensive.

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