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Top Trends in Hip Hop Clothing

Top Trends in Hip Hop Clothing

Over the years, music has become much more than just a source of entertainment. Different kinds of music genres have crept into our daily lives and have inspired several fashion trends. This has led to the new generation wearing certain kinds of clothes and accessories to portray their love for different music genres. One such genre that has, perhaps, effected fashion the most is hip hop. There are numerous followers who dress according to certain fashion trends. Some such popular trends are mentioned below.

This type of clothing is best defined by the bright-colored dresses. This trend initially emerged due to the fact that many artists in this genre belong to tropical areas. These tropical climates have now inspired bright color combinations for those who love hip hop artists. This is not only a way to represent their favorite artists’ culture but also to signify the fact that this genre of music is all about being colorful, cheerful and happy. Hip hop lovers often wear these bright clothes in large sizes. While the trend of oversized clothes began in the 1980s, rappers have consistently carried this trend to date. Layer clothing, large t-shirts and baggy jeans are a few examples of oversized clothes that rappers are usually seen wearing. These trends are then followed by their fans who aim to look like them to signify their liking.

As for female artist, skirts and shorts are a very popular trend. This is because they tend to show off the lower part of their bodies and, therefore, accentuate it with the help of skin-tight shorts or revealing skirts. Several divas have carried this trend consistently, since the fuller figure of a woman is bound to capture a lot more attention. It has, therefore, become one of the most popular types of clothing for females.

It does not, however, end at clothes. Several accessories are also attributed to the hip hop genre and are seen on several artists as well as their fans. Caps and hats are particularly popular among rappers, especially with their large t-shirt and baggy jeans. They also tend to wear exotic pendants and chains. Shades and sunglasses are also worn to accentuate these clothes. Some of the top artists use these accessories to enhance their otherwise simple clothing. As a result of this, several fans are also seen sporting these modern hats, shades and jewelry.

Hip hop clothing, therefore, has greatly effected the current fashion trends. Several teenagers are seen following these popular trends that are initiated by top artists in this music genre.