Personalized Baby Gifts Turn Mundane Gifts Into Keepsakes

Personalized Baby Gifts Turn Mundane Gifts Into Keepsakes

What better way to make your baby gifts stand out than by personalized baby gifts? These gifts make any occasion extra special, be it the birth of a new baby or a christening or even as birthday and holiday presents. Gifts for the baby are available everywhere and the range may seem predictable with toys and clothes topping the list. However, to add that extra dimension to your baby gift, you can personalize it and the most mundane of the baby gift will turn into something unique.

A typical baby photo album can be customized into something different by adding some ribbons and bows to it or by putting up some pictures of the baby (if you have them) with your personal comments. You can even make your own photo album and hand-paint the cover or inside of the album pages with cartoon characters or animals, flowers, stars etc. Just leave enough space for pictures to be put up. If you are not into painting, there is another option which is easier that will impart your own personal touch to the album. Simply buy some baby stickers and die-outs and decorate the pages with them.

Silver mementoes have always been favorite gift items for babies especially from grandparents, close family and friends or godparents. Engraving the baby’s name on them also is popular. You can add a new dimension to your silver gift by engraving the baby’s name and also the date and the occasion as well as your name also. This will be a special reminder from a favorite aunt or grandparent or uncle. Silver items can include baby spoons, bowls, forks, small plates, photo frames and baby jewelry. As soon as you personalize them they will cease to be the usual trinkets to be seen and locked away and instead will become cherished treasures.

Ceramic hand painted baby utensils like plates, bowls and cups are truly different from the rest of personalized baby gifts. You can customize them by putting up the baby’s information on the chosen gift thus making it very personal for the baby. These ceramics are food and dishwasher safe and make for great keepsakes.

If you have a photo of the baby, you can get it transferred (along with your one-liner) onto wooden clocks, mugs, frames, bowls or cups. This transference can also be done on pillows and cushions, baby blankets and t-shirts. A special technology is used for this photo transference and the end result is worth the expense. Captions like ‘let’s face it; I am cute!’ look too cute alongside the baby’s picture on a t-shirt or blanket or cushion.

Hand-knitted sweaters, socks or caps may seem hopelessly old-fashioned but with a personal message or the baby’s name knitted into it, they can become favorite childhood possessions. Towel sets with the baby’s name embroidered on them will instantly transform the towels into something special.

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