Promotional Pens – Parker Pens For the Executive Market

Promotional Pens – Parker Pens For the Executive Market

Depending on the population you are trying to impact, the type of gift you might give out can be significantly different. For instance, take customised pens, although you might see two pens with the same corporate name and logo on it they will look very different if one is a no name ink pen and one is a Parker Pen. When trying to impact specific populations you might use Parker pens for the executive market.

Business gifts are very often given as rewards for a job well done. Promotional products, promotional pens and customised pens are often handed out to those that performed well. If you are trying to tell an executive they performed will you very well might think about changing the gift to a higher level. For a classy, upscale look you might consider Parker pens for the executive market and staff. They will appreciate them and they will use them which is the whole point of promotional gifts to begin with. They are good for the person you are giving them to and good for the corporation because you get free PR.

As a business person you need to be aware of what business gift will be appropriate for what level. You might not be able to give an expensive pen to every staff member but you can definitely give a select few a gift equal to their level in the corporation or their value to the corporation (such as a very important vendor or partner). Parker pens are one of the classier pens on the market today and make a perfect gift for those you are trying to thank that have higher expectations of reward value. Personalised pens are always appreciated but the type of pen in this case really does matter.

Promotional items such as customised pens are a great item to get out into the market. The more you can spread them out and have your corporate name seen on pens and other promotional gifts the more PR you get for your company and that is the idea behind these items. Keeping this in mind, you then have to make sure your gift is considered of value and not an insult. An executive might not like a cheap plastic pen even if you give a printed pen with the corporate name on it. No, remember your market. Parker pens for the executive market and important clientele will probably gain you more good will and in the long run be well worth the little extra you might pay. Keep the top echelon happy and you have a good chance of keeping the corporation profitable. Happy employees tend to work better, faster and more effectively. Simple promotional pens can go a long way to help you with that.

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