Hot Christmas Toys For 2009

Hot Christmas Toys For 2009

If you are still pondering what you can get your kids or young relatives for Christmas, this handy checklist can make your shopping experience a whole lot easier. You need to discover what the hot Christmas toys for 2009 are so that you do not see disappointment in their eyes when they unwrap their presents.

For one young age group on your shopping list – kids that are six and younger – you can not go wrong buying the furry Elmo dolls that talk and are part of a popular kids’ show – Sesame Street. One of these dolls, the Tickle Me Elmo, laughed when tickled and sold out long before the Christmas holiday even began.

For the same age group, you can get the cool learning toys. Those are toys that are computerized and do not feel like a learning experience so that kids are happy to learn and enjoy playing with it. Anything by LeapFrog is a good choice for this category.

Another hot Christmas toy for 2009 for the younger generation are the building blocks that come in bright colors, like Legos. Kids love building their own little worlds with these toys and the blocks are made to work with other blocks in the same collection.

Ride-on vehicles, made to look like miniature versions of the real deal have held their popularity for years and are still one of the hottest selling toys of 2009. Kids love zipping around the yard and going to imaginary places in their very own car, truck or motorcycle.

Probably the hottest Christmas toy for this year is the Zhu Zhu pets range which look likely to be completely sold out well before Christmas in fact WalMart are already stating they will not be getting any extra deliveries this year and it looks like the only place where you will be able to get these toys is online.