Spring 2012: Top Wearable Fashion Trends

Spring 2012: Top Wearable Fashion Trends

Did you ever think you would be seen in colored jeans, strong tribal patterns, or bright tangerine? Many trends can be bold and crazy on the runway, but don’t let that intimidate you. All of the most popular trends can be toned down for an every day look that is easy for anyone to wear.


Nothing says spring more than baby blue, pale mint green and barely there pink. Pastels are a huge hit this season; with the subtle girly color, this is an easy trend to wear. Try topping a pastel colored flowy skirt, with a white or cream blouse. Be sure to add a statement piece of jewelry to make your outfit pop.

Colored jeans

Colored jeans were a big trend this past winter. With bold jewel tone colors, only the most confident of individuals were willing to try this look. This season we are seeing colored jeans in pretty pastel colors, making the trend easy for anyone to pull off. Just pair these fresh girly jeans with a neutral colored shirt and floral scarf for a chic look.

Color blocking

Color blocking uses solid color combinations to create a dramatic trend. The easiest way to pull off this look is by picking colors in the same color family. Try combining a mint green top with a pretty peach skirt, or a bright pink blouse with electric blue pants. This bold look can sometimes be intimidating, but bringing in a neutral color can help tone down an outfit, making it more wearable.

Floral patterns

A reliable favorite for spring, floral patterns can be worn year after year. Whether your style is bold and bright, or soft and subtle, it is easy to find a floral pattern to match your personality and comfort level. It is important to feel confident in what you wear and floral patterns can be very girly and romantic. Want to try something a little more daring? Look for a fun pair of floral denim shorts to rock this spring.

Tribal print

Bold and strong tribal print is a trend seen in many stores. This popular print is easy to wear since it is often seen in neutral browns and blacks. If you are feeling a little more confident, add a splash of color with a bright scarf or handbag. Not crazy about the strong pattern? Look for an Aztec inspired statement necklace or tribal bracelet to compliment a more basic wardrobe.


One of the most popular colors on the runway for spring is a bright tangerine. Many models are wearing this strong color from head to toe. However, bringing in pops of tangerine can create a very trendy look. Adding a fun orange handbag to an otherwise ordinary outfit can make you instantly stand out in a crowd. A bold tangerine colored scarf over a neutral blouse can brighten up your outfit without looking too harsh. Don’t be afraid to work with color, especially in your accessories.

Trends can be crazy and unexpected but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with the new styles. Try toning down bright colors and bold patterns with neutral pieces. Add a bright floral scarf or strong tribal jewelry to an ordinary outfit. With these popular trends you will instantly stand out and make a statement, but feel comfortable and chic wearing them.