Easy Christmas Gift Tips for Front Office Clerk, Peers or Boss

Easy Christmas Gift Tips for Front Office Clerk, Peers or Boss

Deciding For the Right Gift for Your Peers, Boss or Front Office Clerk?

Your shopping is done for Susan, Dave and Sam. Mom’s special gift will be picked up this afternoon, but how about Linda at the office, or your manager? If you are working in a small or medium sized company, chances are one or two of the names on your shopping list are co-workers. A study was done by a gourmet chocolate company that concluded almost two thirds ( equivalent to 62 percent) of Canadian workers ages 18 and older buy gifts in their workplace.

Deciding on what to get isn’t easy at the first glance. However there are a lot of stress free and inexpensive gifts you can consider and your co-worker will appreciate.

Determine if your company has a gift-giving policy in place or if there are any office traditions established. Some companies have a limit of about $25 on the gift.

So, what does work the best? Consumables and gifts that can be shared are all-time favourites. One year Eve, accounting assistance gave the boss a variety pack of exotic coffees and a very funky mug because she knew her boss is a huge coffee buff.

I’ve received some very nice bottles of Italian jams over the years. Candy, fruit, gourmet treats and dark chocolates are great options to consider.

If your company is giving a gift to bunch of co-workers, the best gift is a basket full of edible and non-edible items. It’s fun to open and dig for special teas, coffees, nuts, chocolate, and office nick knacks.

Cheap or I should say affordable gifts are simpler to choose because they don’t have complexity and extra features to figure out. Flowers, small desk plants, or mouse pad with a relaxing picture on it are always my favourite.

If food and flowers don’t do it for you, consider show tickets, desk accessories, aromatherapy candles, bath beads, or books. Now I like to leave you with this last thought. Don’t overspend. You can get a great gift without getting stressed. Remember it’s the thought that matters.

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