Trendy Clothes for Trendy Babies

Trendy Clothes for Trendy Babies

Once upon a time little boys were dressed in blue and little girls in pink. So when you looked into the pram to ooh and coo over the newborn, that was your gender guide to the right compliments: ‘Isn’t she pretty?’ ‘What a gorgeous little boy,’ and so on. But now all that has clothes have taken a mighty leap into the twenty first century to create a new generation of trendy babies and toddlers.

The traditional blue and pink has taken a back seat to vibrant colours, trendy designs and, above all, the right fabrics. These need to be soft for babies’ delicate skins; sturdy enough to sustain the pummelling from washing machines and tumble driers; and eco-friendly enough to keep carbon footprints as tiny as possible.

Baby clothing needs to be soft, comfortable and durable and Babysoy is one of the most innovative and eco-friendly designers on the market.Their clothing range is produced from soybean protein fibre, which is the pulp remaining from soybean products such as milk and tofu, which makes it silky soft and smooth for delicate skin, while at the same time having the absorbency of cotton and warmth of wool.

As strange as it may sound, this company has created a delightful range of baby clothes that are 100% organic and completely eco-friendly, from colourful and cuddly soft romper suits for babies to practical slip-on trousers and lightweight, reversible hoodies for toddlers. Even the fussiest little princess will love the softness of this textile coupled with the vibrant range of colours available.

The delightfully-named Aravore is another fair trade, ethical clothing brand. The name means ‘piece of heaven’ and your baby or toddler will adore the softness of this textile made from a blend of organic cotton and merino wool. The delicate pastels, silvery sheens and sun-kissed sand colours seem to have been created to compliment the pretty jumpers and floaty, Boho dresses in this range.

Boys, they say, will be boys and possibly my favourite range for energetic little adventurers is Bamboo Baby. Again these gorgeous designs have been created from eco-friendly textiles, as bamboo is totally organic and sustainable. I loved the bamboo denim jeans with the bright red arrow across the back pockets and teamed them up with a bright, striped rugby top and summer cardigan. This is definitely my son’s favourite outfit.

One other brand whose clothes my son loves to wear is Mini Vanilla. This is a company that specialises in nightwear and we love the entertaining designs and the soft, fleecy cotton fabric which adds a touch of luxury, warmth and comfort at bedtime.

Online retailers have certainly opened up the market in baby clothing and accessories and to cater for the growing demand, they are forever expanding their range of new and exciting ideas. Competition is fierce, which is good news for new mums and dads as this keeps prices attractively low. It also means that our babies can look trendy; feel 100% comfortable and happy; and start making their own little contribution to the world they will one day inherit.