5 Fashion Rules All Women Should Follow

5 Fashion Rules All Women Should Follow

Have you ever wondered why some women always look spectacular, irrespective of age, size or wealth? It’s because they follow these five fashion rules that all women should follow.

Start at the bottom

The foundation to looking good lies in having good foundation garments. That doesn’t mean you need to go for a whalebone corset, just invest in some good quality underwear. Control pants mean never having to ask again whether your bum looks big in this. Get a free boob job by having your bra properly fitted. Most lingerie and department stores offer this service free and it can make an enormous difference to the tiniest of assets.

Be an individual

Rather than jumping on every fashion bandwagon that comes to town, develop a personal style. This means buying a good basic wardrobe of clothes that flatter you. Because you don’t need to change these clothes every season, you can treat yourself to some high quality items. Then accessorise with more fleeting fashion trends. In this way, you can stay up to date without wearing clothes that do not suit you.

The right size

Find clothes and shoes that fit you perfectly. It’s so tempting to squeeze into a smaller size because that must-have dress is not available in a bigger size. This isn’t a good look and you’ll just look like a sausage about to burst out of its skin. Equally, don’t wear clothes that are too big; they will cover your shape and add a couple of stone to boot.

Long lines

Create the illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette by not breaking up the eyeline. There are different ways of doing this. For longer looking legs, dress your legs and feet in the same colour. For example, black trousers and black boots will not jar the eye in the same way that black trousers and red boots would. Similarly, avoid cutting yourself in half with belts in contrasting colours.

Limit your palette

In the same way that artists develop a palette of colours over time, many successful dressers often take the same approach. You could go and get your colours done or just work out the types of colours that suit you best and that you feel happiest in. By choosing colours from this palette, you will ensure that your wardrobe blends, irrespective of what you’re wearing.

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