Why Kids Like Designer Clothes

Why Kids Like Designer Clothes

Over the years, the living conditions are becoming better and better of our life. Kids wear designer clothes also become a trend. Walk in the high school, you can easily find the significant brands of Ed hardy or Abercrombie & Fitch. But we will fear of the following influence in the children’s heart. Why kids like designer clothes? We should take serious consideration.

Children love to wear designer clothes, mainly because of two psychological reasons: one is to show their worth. The designer clothes not only show their aesthetic taste which higher than ordinary clothing, but also price will show their family economic standards, it seems that only to put on the branded clothing can raise their social status.

Second reason is the of herd mentality. Brands have become famous not because of the designer’s creation, but people’s recognition for many years that establish a stable reputation in the public. Kids see many of the adults wear those designer clothes, the effect of herd mentality cause them to follow with. These two reasons are all unhealthy thoughts; psychological comparisons will blind their eyes of study, and also increase the burden on families. Parents should teach teens to overcome these mental patients, so that kids can have a correct understanding of the branded clothing.

For parent, when in good budget condition, you can occasionally buy some branded products for kids, but for some branded addicts children, you couldn’t do any compromise. You should let the children understand the family situation, if necessary; you can take the kids to your working place, so that they can have a notice that how hard of the earning. You can also let the children record the family costs so they will understand the consumption level of your home. Even your family have a good consideration of economics, thrift on every family is very important. Have you ever thought that maybe the kids’ favor of branded clothing like Ed hardy, Levis, or Coach are attributed by parents’ unintentional induction. For small children, they may have no idea of fashion or brands, but if parents talk too much about branded clothing children may have a sense of superiority. Therefore, as a parent, you should make a good example to kids.

In addition, parents can also let your child do some labors or housework to get the remuneration buying what they wanted things; it can make them understand that money not comes easily.visit https://sanka7a.com/.