What Are the Different Types of Women’s Clothes?

What Are the Different Types of Women’s Clothes?

It is a universally known fact that women are extremely conscious about what they wear. Even if they are going to office their attire should be nothing less than perfect. And, why not? Looking attractive and appealing is not a crime! Nowadays, women have become much more aware about the different clothing brands and the fashion trends. The famous brand, Tea has now diversified its product offering by unveiling their exclusive collection of women’s clothes for the Fall season of 2010.

Women’s’ clothes can be of many types depending on the occasion. If you want to select office wear, then a crisp white shirt with black trousers is the best bet. Business suits or knee length skirts with shirts of pastel shades can also be worn with ?�lan to the office. On the other hand, if you are allowed to wear casuals, then blue jeans with a white full sleeve shirt always does the trick.

What about party attire? Yes, we are coming to that. You can easily experiment with more vibrant colors and designs while choosing party wear. The recent trend in party wear is cocktail dresses. They can be knee-length, short or long. Asymmetrical hems look trendy and chic as they steer clear of the common designs of straight cut hems. Alternatively, you can also opt for long and flowing gowns and pair it with a clutch bag. You must have seen celebrities coming to the Academy awards, carrying stylish clutch bags? It is time for you to join the gang!

Women are very particular when it comes to colors. Red, black, and white are three universal colors that look good on anyone. But it is said that the color of women’s clothes should be chosen according to the seasons. For instance, shades like pale blue, pink or floral prints should be worn during the summer. Muted colors like brown, dark blue, and black are the hot favorites in winter. Clothes should also be chosen according to the build of the wearer. Certain clothes will be suitable for a slim person, whereas others will look good on people who are slightly on the heavier side. However, the essential factor is to carry yourself with confidence.

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