Wedding Accessories for a Standout Affair

Weddings are steeped in tradition and custom, but with high costs and high stress, many couples are ditching the conventional ceremony and reception for something that better represents their values. Whether you’re a traditionalist or throwing convention to the wind, there are a few accessories that are absolute essentials on the big day.

An Outfit That Brings You Joy

A wedding ensemble doesn’t have to be the traditional white, flowing gown. Many brides are bucking this tradition and going for dresses in an array of colors, exquisite pantsuits or even costume-themed attire. What you wear should mean something to you, and you should be comfortable throughout the day so that you feel beautiful and special. Plus, you need to be able to get down on the dance floor with your nearest and dearest.

Jewelry With Meaning

Whether you’re a fashionista with the ability to make even your office attire look catwalk-worthy or you’re someone for whom the very thought of accessorizing makes you freeze in terror, the jewels you don on your big day have the potential to play a role in your life post-wedding as well. Choose items that match your style, but choose items that also tell a story. For example, Black Hills gold jewelry accessories are representative of the rich natural beauty found deep in the Great Plains of South Dakota. There’s something singular and spiritual about this area, and tri-colored gold offers the perfect wedding accessory that’s steeped in Americana and can be treasured by generations to come.

Hair for the Occasion

Since brides should look and feel special from head to toe, it’s important to think about how to accessorize your hair as well. This is another opportunity to buck the norm and say “no” to a traditional veil. You may want to try a DIY crown or half-halo made from dried or fresh flowers. A flower, vine or perfectly placed barrette can add something special when you walk down the aisle.

No matter what you choose, make sure your wedding tells the story of you, and be sure to choose accessories that will give you the opportunity to share that story for years to come.