Top 3 Little-Known Facts About Microblading Your Brows

For those interested in having perfectly groomed brows every morning without having to put in time and money to apply lots of makeup, microblading Long Island NY is a treatment that’s been gaining interest. This procedure is becoming a more popular way to achieve ideal eyebrows without painful plucking or waxing and without needing to spend precious time filling in brows with pencils and other types of makeup. However, despite its growing popularity, there are several little-known facts that most beauty aficionados might not have known about microblading.

1. The Sessions Aren’t Too Long, But May Require a Follow-Up

For anyone under the impression that microblading must be an all-day affair, the treatment’s quick time easily dispels the myth. The first appointment for microblading is usually around two hours long, with the actual procedure taking up about half of that time. The other half involves a consultation to find your ideal brow shape. However, many clients do require a follow-up session six to eight weeks later for any necessary adjustments.

2. It Works Particularly Well on Dry Skin Types

While microblading is an option for all skin types, drier skin types seem to do particularly well with it. This may be because unlike oily skin types, dry skin retains pigment well, allowing the look to stay fresher longer.

3. It’s Not as Deep as Traditional Tattooing

One typical misconception is that microblading is essentially a tattoo, when it actually works a bit differently. While a traditional tattoo goes deep into the skin, microblading is intended to be semi-permanent, depositing pigment that can break down eventually. This means you won’t have to stress out if you want your look adjusted down the line.

Whether for reasons of convenience or for hopes of achieving the perfect eyebrow look, many beauty gurus and casual dabblers alike have started to take a stronger interest in microblading as of late. With these interesting factoids under your belt, you may have a deeper understanding of why this treatment is gaining traction in the beauty world.