Wearing the Right Clothes For a Job Interview

Wearing the Right Clothes For a Job Interview

For most people, the only thing more nerve-racking than worrying about the questions to be asked in an interview is worrying about what to wear to the said event. Your main goal should be to look professional – someone who would fit in with the company.

Generally speaking, men should not overdress for an interview. Wearing a shirt and tie or a suit is always a safe choice. But for women, picking clothes may be a bit more challenging.

For both men and women, be sure to pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in and fits you properly. You wouldn’t want to deal with pants that are too tight or a top that restricts your breathing while you’re trying to concentrate on your interview.

In line with this, be sure to pick clothes in colors that are appropriate for the occasion. Try to avoid bright colors and bold prints. You want your interviewer to focus on your answers to the questions and not what you’re wearing. But then again, it isn’t all about the clothes. During an interview, the overall appearance of the applicant is taken into consideration. Hygiene and grooming are important; make sure you look neat and tidy. Try not to wear a strong scent during the interview either. The interview will most likely be held in a small room. An overpowering scent can make others uncomfortable.

Be mindful of your fingernails too. They should be short and clean. Keep your hair clean and tidy as well. If you can’t brush your teeth right before the interview, bring a mint with you.

You may be wondering what all this fuss about appearance has to do with your qualifications for the job… The truth is how you look matters a lot, especially if you’re going to be dealing with clients face-to-face. Companies want to hire people who can represent who they are in the best possible light.

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