Thread Crochet – The Perfect Handmade Gift

Thread Crochet – The Perfect Handmade Gift

Everyone loves to receive a gift that has been specially made for them by you. If you love to do handwork as I do, working on something while watching television or sitting outside on a pretty day gives me time to make all kinds of gifts for all kinds of occasions. Most of the time I have three or four different projects going at the same time! That way I don’t get bored with just one item. Since I love to both crochet and knit, I can have a mixture to break up the monotony.

If you have several small projects in mind, go for the bigger projects or patterns for that ‘special’ person or occasion. As an example, for a wedding gift the couple might be special enough for you to spend a great many hours on a beautiful Throw or Afghan

If you are comfortable with your crochet skill, you might try using crochet thread. You probably already have some patterns you can use and it will totally change the look of the finished piece.

Another consideration is cost of gift. You do need to determine how much you will be spending, especially on a large project and be content with it. I have started different patterns in the past where I could just pick up a very standard yarn a little at a time, to avoid buying all of the supplies at once. Don’t do it! When the instructions tell you to get all the yarn in the same dye lot, there’s a reason. I’ve even had a white yarn show different on a finished project. That’s a lot of work and time invested for it to be ruined because you didn’t get all you needed to start with.

One last thing to mention about making gifts. Try to consider what the person you’re making the gift for likes. Sometimes we make only what we like, but maybe they won’t like the same colors or style. Most importantly, they don’t want it to look like the Afghan your grandmother made forty years ago! You don’t need to spend your valuable time and money if your gift is going straight into a closet. With the economy the way it is, you can save yourself some money, and lower your stress level at the same time, by knitting or crocheting some Handmade gifts.

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