Watch Trends of 2010

Watch Trends of 2010

As profits for watch companies continue to be high, and the industry continues to push their retail prices for watches to an all time high, companies are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve by finding and setting the new trends for upcoming years. Here were some of the trends we saw in 2010.

Companies tried to expand their models by expanding into the digital watch market in order diversify their products, adding analog models at lower prices than luxury watches while still retaining quality. Many of these digital watches were priced between $50-$100.

Consumers saw an increased combination of color in the models of 2010. Many innovative companies experimented solar power and Atomic Timekeeping Technology, including the already successful all hock resistant and water-resistant cases. Some companies began experimenting with many eco-friendly watches.

On the other hand, many watch companies are paid more attention fashion/lifestyle focus of the watch arena, believing that capturing the latest fashion trends would maximize their profits. They also focused on increasing financial gains through market research which tried to pinpoint the ideal prices that have been unstable due to recent economic uncertainty.

2011 will be an extremely exciting year for watchmakers, as many predict that companies will try to converge more with the fashion industry in order to capture the style most suitable for their consumers. One thing is for sure, the company that captures the new style trends first, and most successfully is sure to make their way to the top of the industry.

As the watch market continues to grow, companies will constantly search for new ways to innovate and make more money. These were the trends of 2010, and time will only tell if they continue to succeed or if companies will need to re-invent themselves for 2011.

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