Washing Machine Tips – Do’s And Don’ts In Washing Clothes

Washing Machine Tips – Do’s And Don’ts In Washing Clothes

You don’t need to be an expert clothes washer to get your clothes washing chore done. I am sure many people will admit to themselves that washing clothes can be a little daunting. A lot of things can go wrong and you might inadvertently damage your beautiful clothes.

Washing machines are huge helpers. They make our clothes washing chore simpler and easier. Make your work easier by using the washer and using the following do’s and don’ts guide:

1. Do separate your clothes into batches.

Find out how much clothes your washer can accommodate. Avoid overloading your washer with clothes as this might impair its ability to distribute detergent properly. When running full laundry cycles, only wash the right amount of clothes in one washing cycle.

Separate the white garments from the colored ones. When you are placing your clothes inside the washer, make sure you even out the load. Don’t just dump your garments inside as this might lead to uneven washing cycle. It causes the machine to move and jerk around.

2. Don’t use a lot of detergent.

Even with non-HE washers, it is important to use just the right amount of detergent. If you use too much, soap suds can accumulate inside. Moreover, the washer will have a difficulty dissolving powder detergent. It is also better if you use liquid detergent instead of powder detergent. Even if you use cold water cycles, liquid detergent dissolves easily.

3. Do use the right washing cycles.

Use the right water level, temperature and length of washing time. Modern laundry appliances today have built-in intelligent features that can easily determine the right amount of water and energy that can be used to clean the garments inside. This will prevent the washer from using too much water or energy.

4. Don’t leave your washing machine unattended.

Most washers have an end-of-cycle signal that will alert you if the washing cycle is already done. However, you should not leave your washer there to go for a long errand. If you leave your moist garments inside the drum, molds can appear. It might make your clothes smell moldy.

5. Do pre-treat stains in your clothes to avoid using the hot water cycle of the machine.

The heating process of water consumes a lot of energy. By pre-treating stains instead of using hot water, you can save a lot of energy. Moreover, it prevents the washing machine from breaking down easily.