Top Packaging Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Over the years, the packaging industry has managed to make itself one of the most enormous economic generators. And data from the Smithers Pica organization indicate that the marketing value of the packaging industry should hit $1 trillion by 2020. Considering that in 2015, the value was at $839 billion. Thanks to the current consumer and industry packaging trends, the market value keeps soaring. Packaging designs like custom stand up pouches are becoming more popular each day. Therefore, to understand and appreciate this phenomenon and know where it is heading, it’s necessary to examine how the top packaging industry trends evolve this year.

Every industry has to sort out how to package its products to protect and enclose them either for storage, shipping, or sale. And that makes it the all-encompassing industry term that must also take in the marketing efforts of the product manufacturers. For the leading product manufacturers, the packaging of their products also signifies their brands. And so, you can only imagine how much effort your business has to put in the product packaging process. Packaging is an essential part of all business models. Almost as crucial as producing an excellent product.

So, what as the top packaging trends to watch out for this 2019? Keep reading to find out

  1. Personalized packaging

As a business that deals in product sales, you also want to have your packaging as personalized as possible. However, you don’t want to make the personalization too much. This is the one trend that has gradually built up over the years. Plus, it is also one packaging trend that is sure to have a major industry impact this year as well. Your business is sure to witness the significant effects on returns should you explore and use personalized packaging for your products. Think of it as an innovative marketing investment project.

Take the big companies like Coca-Cola which has even printed people’s names on their product containers. Or Bud Light which prints football teams on their cans. What all these means is that there isn’t any one-size-fits-all when it comes to personalized packaging.

  1. Digital printing

Thanks to the tremendous technological advancements, the packaging industry has also settled into the digital world. To mean that computer generation is now the principal mechanism. One that packaging businesses use to design physical product packaging. Also, digital printing enables packaging businesses to create images or graphics that govern their packaging appearances. Fair to say that digital printing, to some extent, influences just about every part of packaging today, and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

  1. Bold colors and effects

Here is another packaging trend that keeps expanding in this industry. That makes it another one of the definite trends this 2019 as well. Most of the big businesses have realized how well the use of strong colors and dynamic effects tend to stand out in their packaging. Not to mention how well using this packaging trend had also resulted in increased sales volume in recent years.

People tend to respond more positively to bold colors and dynamic packaging effects. Strong colors like bright yellow and neon green tend to attract people’s attention more quickly. And so do effects like reflective surfaces and shining metallic sheens. The leading marketers design their packaging to grab their consumers’ notice.

  1. Transparency and clean labels

Another strong packaging trend that you must incorporate this year is how you present your product information. Leading businesses have mastered this trend and always work on how best to package their products. By that, we mean presenting their products in clear, transparent packaging. This particular trend is more about trust and honesty between your business and consumers. In today’s world, consumers also have a lot of access to information. To mean that they can educate themselves better about product choices. The smart consumers will always want to know what their product choices contain. Atop that, also the packaging methods that their product manufacturers use.

On transparency, consumers will be looking into how open their product manufacturers are about what their products contain. Regarding ‘clean’ packaging, businesses need to prove to their product consumers that their products are safe and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Business manufacturers that can make their product packaging and content information appear clear, concise and open will promote trust with their consumers.

  1. Recycled packaging products in use

In the past years, you realize that the recycled packaging trend hasn’t been as popular. However, with the 3-R principle of; reduce, reuse, and recycle, packaging recycling has become firmly embedded in the industry. Recycled packaging is now part of the world’s sustainability movement.

The world is trying to prevent a vast majority of the packaging wastes from finding their way into the landfills. The masses of non-biodegradable packaging that currently float in the oceans worsen the situation further.

These are the messes that are no longer acceptable. Luckily, you also find that most consumers now also help to prevent this from happening. By that, most consumers now prefer recyclable product packaging.

  1. Vintage packaging

Regarding vintage packaging, today, the packaging industry strives to create something new from the old packaging processes. Nostalgia always has a tremendous effect on consumers. The same is true whether the people are young or old. You realize that most businesses are now tapping into this packaging trend to reflect on their yesteryear’s values.

The vintage packaging trends are becoming more popular because they help to reflect a kind of timeless quality that manages to remain intact over the years. Also, vintage packaging designs work to help tell a story of passion and tradition. As a business, it is essential to note that all humans are hardwired for story. That’s why you find that people prefer to listen to vintage packaging.

Final thoughts

The packaging industry trends keep transforming year in year out. Safe to say that that the packaging trend that may have worked well for you last year may not do as much the next year. And that’s why, as a business, you need to ensure you stay up-to-date with the current packaging trends and see which one of them work out best for your business.

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